Sunday, October 7, 2012

Accessories Craze

Okay this is the necklace that I love but would never buy from the house of Harlow. I think that my cotton on necklace is sort of similar... Hehe...

Purchases of the day

Some of the things that I bought at cotton on. I used to love their stuffs back in nz but never seem to agree with the price tags here in Malaysia. I was so happy to have gotten the necklaces for rm29 each and the rings for rm6 each. Damn cheap!! So happy... :))))))))

P/s the red necklace reminds me of the house of Harlow necklace in black..

Monday, September 24, 2012

Food diary

I seriously think that I should write a food & money diary so that I would be more 'civilized' with my spending. Yes. I really should. I have all these cute notebooks that I never use & this would be very beneficial! Yeay to my idea! Oooohh.. *phoebe style* If I want to be more of a genius, I would include things that I do that could possibly burn off the calories cause I'm just so lazy to exercise post weddingggggggg........ Am I the only person who's gaining so much post wedding?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Be more patient

I have to b more patient. I'm so angry right now over the little things! Get rid of the negativity!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


When I saw this shelf at SSF I did not plan what to do with it but I had to buy it.. Decided to put it in my master bedroom as mark comes with his 'cosmetics' & hair products too so I did not want the dressing table to be crowded.

Feel like getting another one for my VS stocks! Won't wear them if I don't see them.

Girl with earrings

Just got this at S&J or something. My family of earrings are growing so I had to put my favourite pairs on this holder.

I wanted to do a so called DIY using a mug tree to put my bangles. Still haven't found the perfect mug tree. I want it to b white but I can never seem to find them.

Somebody suggested that I could spray paint it but knowing me, clumsy... I wouldn't dare to..


I love being married. I still can't believe that I'm married. But just the two of us living under one roof with me sometimes trying to 'impress' mark with my cooking skills or eating out cause we're too bored at home, or takeaways while watching friends.........

I'm so not happy with my weight gain. Padan muka.. Never want to go to the gym anymore with all the excuses in the world. And I'm so stress that my weight gain is distributed to my face, ass, tummy, thighs!!

Today's brunch:

Rice & Chicken & Bak Choy

Today's lunch:
2 burgers & 2 fries

UWAAAAAAAA! I don't want to eat dinner!!!!