Thursday, May 19, 2011

i have to blog about this!

apologies for not updating for so long!! the last was kate and william's wedding!!

okay i can't help it no matter how uncool it is i had to watch this movie, i did watch it yesterday. after my meeting, me and my girlfriends went straight to the cinema. i put such high expectations for this movie and sad to say, i was disappointed!!!


1. there were so many conflicts that went on:
a. Aidil's wife passed away (due to an accident cause she was too excited staring at the kite)
b. Adam again lost the baby (after what happened to his second wife's child too)
c. both Nur and Adam went to Jordan and their train met in an accident with a lorry (as if the terrorist attack in Mumbai wasn't enough)
d. after the accident Nur lost the ring and Adam searched for the ring and he met in an accident AGAIN cause he felt pain in his chest!!! (hmpppftttt!)
e. he got checked up @ a hospital in Malaysia and they found that the sharper in his body (which he got during the terrorist attack in Mumbai has touched his heart). He had to find a donor or he'd die.
to sum up this point: this has more tragedies than ROMEO & JULIET!!!

2. i hate hate hate hate the ending
okay fine. adam found his heart donor and he finally see his boy. suddenly out of nowhere Dato Rahim Razali, another unknown actor and afida s (correct me if i'm wrong with the spelling) were much older character of the main casts... why oh why did the put these casts???????? if they had to put those scenes, they have to make the main casts look older. and they had to make ADAM die.. even though it's because of old age ( i felt that they should just end it when ADAM hold his baby.. we want happy ending!!

3. there wasn't enough romantic scenes
people watch malay dramas to get into the romantic scenes. and that is what nur kasih was all about during the series. i also felt that they should have let Aidil meet another girl and let him be happy (even though i hate his character so very much).

4. not enough time to even cry!!!
many people tend to cry a lot watching nur kasih. what i felt about this movie was there wasn't enough time as there were too many conflicts going on!! before you try to get into the emotions of the scene, another scene / conflict will appear. at least i didn't cry. some of my friends did though.

however there were some nice things to talk about:

1. the scenery is picturesque ( i want to go to Jordan!! but i'm afraid of all the tragedies going on there from the movie =b)
2. Tiz Zaqyah is so pretty!! (she really is and she doesn't even have to try too hard or put too much make up)

at least that's what i thought of the movie. some may agree some may agree to disagree =b