Sunday, October 31, 2010

of fun and hardships

i've had quite a memorable week! some important 'highlights' of my week.

1. i think i'd pass my spp but there were quite a number of questions where i couldn't answer them. and i actually even giggled when i couldn't answer them cause i was so NERVOUS!

2. next, preparing for the annual dinner. which was not too bad. except thinking of what to wear. luckily i wore something so simple as it was a very laid back & informal event.

3. okay sometimes it's hard to trust people. friendship troubles can be a pain in the ass as much as relationship troubles. i thought, when i start working it'll get easier. but it DOESN'T. i don't agree with many but when i reflect back, many might not be agreeing with as well. mmmm.

4. i think i did pretty okay in being the host during the dinner last night. at first i was worried that i might be too stiff but as time passed, i managed to loosen up. and so far i haven't receive any complaints. i mean people will rarely compliment on your good work but when you fail to do a good job, that's when you'll hear all the critics in the world.

5. okay i'm so tired of finding the perfect working shoes that is within my budget! *sigh*

okay i'm still tired! not in the mood to write moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..............................................

Thursday, October 21, 2010

How To Know When Your Man Isn't Listening

When you say "How was your day?" and he answers "For sure!" He isn't listening.

When you ask "What do you want for dinner?" and he says "Awesome." He isn't listening.

When you say "Do I look fat?" and says "I don't know, maybe." He better not be listening.

When you say "Will you turn it down?" and he says "You saw a clown?" The tv is up too loud, give him a break he's trying.

When you say "date night" amd he says "steak night?", he's just hungry for meat since you became a vegetarian.

When you say "I love shoes" and he says "I love you too", let it go. Sometimes listening isn't what it's cracked up to be.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do I Loooooooooooooveee This?

haha. an issue that is sort of going on in life. allies. and deleting your enemies.

I'm a girl with fashion cravings that has to indulge every once in a while. Those indulgences can't be often as funds are limited. *sigh*.I miss shopping would you like to get me something pretty?

Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship or limitation. says wikipedia. Today I ponder. To what extent is the 'freedom' in the freedom of speech? should there be a limitation? Or are we supposed to blurt out everything? me thinks, before we speak out whatever that's on my mind, me should think first. today, as a colleague, i nearly 'lost' myself to the 'power' of freedom of speech. I was so angry today. I nearly lost control of my thinking. words are blurted out of my mouth in speed even before the logic is being transmitted into my brain (is that even scientifically correct?). i always feel blessed that i love my working environment. i live in a PERFECT working environment. well, there is no such thing as PERFECT in this world. i'd say it's ALMOST perfect. i love ALMOST everyone. emphasizing on ALMOST. This 'almost' nearly made me lose control of myself. everyday, i wish that i don't have to be associated with 'almost'. Practicing my freedom of speech: I h8 you. I friggin hate you (note there's no censorship). i know as long as i'm near you, you'll make my life as IMPERFECT as you can possibly can. even when i try to view this problem by trying to fit myself into your shoes, i still agree with me. and YES, I was not being bias. urghhh I bloody HATE you! if only i could make you DISAPPEAR! i'm trying not to use the word B here as much as I want. you despise others' happiness. you take advantage in others. and you think too highly of yourself. you are never honest. you only USE others.

Monday, October 18, 2010

madness tuesday

what have i been doing? instead of studying for my SPP interview, i have been busy editing the school's eng department blog!! chaotic! =b

Sunday, October 17, 2010

i want!

i want this room!!!!! i'm a barbie girl! in a barbie world!! hehehee. okay this is so random but i just realised something about myself. i can't stand SKEMA people. i can never be sincere to them. not ever. just a thought. i don't hate them. just that i can't be myself around them. =b.

Thursday, October 14, 2010



on days where people want to make FACES to YOU. LOL. anyways, another update. my mum just got a call from my principal and she said that she has been confirmed to go to MECCA. mmmmm. so now can i apply for CRK a day before my SPP?? which is on the 27th. SCAREDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!

o hectic week!

some updates:

1. I was in Mersing for three days. which means I have been away from school for three days. Woohooooooooo! Had a great time with AWESOME PEOPLE: mark, myto, amnah, riza, auni, johnny lim and other IPBARIANS la except for *cough* *cough*. more like nak MUNTAH actually. =b

2. I was in the same group with you-know-who.. ya allah! capitalized MENYAMPAH! but this time around, I managed to control myself from membuat muka by IGNORING HER EXISTENCE. walaupun susah pasal mata silau ngan trashy materials scarves with kilat2.

3. Today, I was so annoyed with SOMEONE! I mean ape masalah tah nak buat muka & perli2. ishhhh~ malas nak spoil mood!

4. Anyways, to reward myself instead of picking up my baju dinner... i was so irritated with how my day when I went to HP instead. ALONE!! crazyyyyy.. so like orang gila i bought my self a chanel lip gloss. BUT BUT to my AWESOME DISCOVERYYYYYY, i found my dream scent. it's a limited addition but i don't have the M$$LAH to buy it!!! this is the point of the entry.. it costs rm265 for 75 ml. UWAAAA i want itttt!!!!
so this is the perfume. Marry me! The smell is so NICE!!!

okay now another hectic days. to prepare for our ANNUAL DINNER. dahla buat OUTDOOR!! right now i'm so not looking towards it cause it will be something totally casual... jeans it is...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010

one wish

i wish that when i have my own place, i wish for breakfast in bed every weekend! cause it's impossible to have breakfast in bed during weekdays. =b

oh okay so i was reading that M.A.C came out with the pro-long wear collection. so i decided to buy the lipstick. to my disappointment, it's not that long lasting after all!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

in pain!!!!!!!

fatin haya is in pain!! i hate period crampssssss!! and i hate thinking about seeing what-her-face next week and if they arrange the rooms alphabeticallyyyyyy!!! urghhhhhhh!!!


this is my ultimate favourite serena-blair moment in season 1! today has been such a LOOOOOOOONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG THURSDAY! 7 periodsss! urghhhh!! oh a happy newsss! monday to wednesday am going to MERSING!! with ade PPC TESL menengah. or whatever they want to call us. walaupun that POMPUAN GILA will be there i will try not to make IT affect my MOOD!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kate Spade's NOVEL idea for CLUTCHES

okay. i was going through a purse blog and i found that kate spade had actually made book-inspired clutches. It costs at $325 apiece. INTERRESTINGGGG!


so true. but it is definitely not the best feeling in the world when you are meant to be something negatively to someone.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

it's a wednesdayyy!

my house is in chaos due to my maid running away. jadi kenela buat kerja sendiri!! waaaa!! perhaps i shall burn more caloriesssss.. hehe.

i've got a BRILLIANT idea

okay. i've just thought of a so-called 'brilliant' idea. you know the feeling that you want to update your blog but you're not inspired or you have not been doing anything interesting lately,... at least i know i do experience those days A LOT. so i was thinking at least a picture of blair waldorf on days where i'm not inspired just to show that i love coming to visit my blog no matter how 'boring' it isssssssss. Happy TUESDAY peeps!!!

i so want this necklace that blair is wearing. i saw this ring at forever 21 but didn't buy it at that time. now i kind of menyesallll...

P/S: I am now streaming Episode 4 of GG.

Monday, October 4, 2010


okay i had a really long afternoon nap as i was fasting. i slept for like 3 hours. when i woke up i was like so blur as i was thinking of the day and time. anyways, the purpose of this entry is to share my dream. my weird weird dream. i dreamt that i went to school with a friend from IPBA (a very not-so-close friend). as i was entering SSI, it turns out to be a GALA at the White House. As I got through security, a famous person was so eager to take photos with me.. GUESS who?? of all the people, Senator Hillary Clinton. LOL. She was like so excited to take photos with me and we both gave our cellphones to the photographer aka my friend. While we were giving out our cellphones she told me that we must not accidentally take each others phones.. BECAUSE we were both using iphones and she used the same bling casing as mine except hers is in black and i got really excited of her iphone when i realize we had the same crack on our screens! and then when we were taking photos people were asking me to be more natural and hug her bla bla bla... in the dream, it was so surreal! she even told me that she wants to update her FACEBOOK wall photos and of all the people she chose me. imagine how flattered am i in my dreams. she even promised that she would TAG my photos so that my friend could get jealous. okay that's the important SCENES of my dream that i remembered. what's odd is that i'm definitely not hillary clinton's biggest fan even though i kind of adore her. i guess, after this dream, i have to be one of her biggest fans. LOL.

okay i had to write this story here as i have no place else to share this story.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


i want everything but growing up sucks. it seems like i can't get everything that i want. life sucks at times.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


so true via weheartit

okay i have been neglecting my blog these days. i have even stopped reading my friends' blogs. i guess i'd blame it on my school workload. and my weekends are filled with open houses. what's great about it is that i've saved up money from eating out when i go shopping / window shopping. BUT!! it's not doing any good for my DIET!!! My muffin top is getting bigger. URGH!!!! i know this entry isn't exactly an INTERESTING piece but i just want to show that i've been missing my blog. muackss! haha.