Friday, November 26, 2010

hates it when

Fatin hates it when:

1. it rains with thunder... i like it to rain sepoi2 bahase at night...

2. copycats! especially when i don't approve!

3. when you care for someone who actually doesn't even care about you... i mean why bother to jaga your perasaan when you couldn't be bothered by others... whatever...

ish ish ish!!!

i know i've just switched on my bitchy mode but i couldn't help it....

4. when you feel like you've trusted your 'friend' and you pour out your feelings / secrets and your 'friend' is all secretive! esp when it has to do with good things!! WTF betul la!!

GRRRRRRRREATTTT! today is just grrrrrrrrrrreeeeeaaaattttttttttt!

ohhh baru ingat! FYI, nak dedicate lagu BRUNO MARS - COUNT ON ME!!!

You can count on me like 1 2 3
I'll be there
And I know when I need it I can count on you like 4 3 2
And you'll be there
Cause that's what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah

yeah right!!! so not trueeeeeeeee! blerghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hello world! Right now am in kuala-la-la lumpur! actually not, am in USJ. LOL. saje aje nak cakap macam MIZZ NINA. speaking of her, she looks hot during her engagement to NOH SALLEH. so simple yet so pwetty!! SUPER-LIKE!! you can see the pictures @beautiful nara. OH MON DIEU! so lame bace gossip kat sittu... =b

today, if you were out with me, you would have been so proud of me! haha. i didn't spend a single dime. before i went out today, i promised myself to be patient for DECEMBER'S sale. after all, good things do come to those who wait. *wink*

oh, FYI, i'm updating this blog while watching BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S. oooohhh so romantic. and ohh la la audrey hepburn is so prettY!!!! if only i was born that beautiful... hahaha!! okay let's dream on...

anyways, I MISS YOU! haha. =b

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I seriously feel like watching this movie. This movie stars the girl from 10 Things I Hate About You (the series obviously cause takkanla JULIA STILES nak berlakon again) and also NELLY YUKI from Gossip Girl. I think it will be worthwhile to go to the cinemas to watch this. =))))))))))))))))))))))).

i feel

i feel like i've just done something CRAZY...

but i need to get it over and done with! so that i don't have to think of the what if's.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my scent

hehe. went with the family to Metrojaya clearance yesterday and bought these two perfumes. eh last week baru complain no more M$$lah!! hahaha. i managed to make this face to my dad *ala nakk.. pasal murah... tapi takde duit* ahahha. but it is really cheap. rm80 each.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Of Sleepiness

Fatin is so sleepy... Just finished downloading Because I Said So. Now am downloading the Parent Trap. Love Love Love these movies. hahaaha. anyways, just put that Blair picture cause I want a bag looking like that... mmm. where can i get one.. it will be my bag to go to work with as tak larat la tukar2 bags! so chic. me thinks.

Today Was A Fairytale


Sangatla tak sbenarnye. HAHA. (referring to the title) What have I been doing?? downloading movies for my iphone. so that takla bosan sangat jage periksa next week. Oh mon dieu! I'm so well prepared. HAHA.

BTW, yesterday's gossip girl was THE BOMB! too bad Chuck & Blair broke up in the end, but I swear I was totally swooning with yesterday's episode... haha.

Anyways, tiba2 I feel so menyampah with a friend of mine. Do you have friends that is so MENGADE-NGADE?? (although sometimes i admit i am too). by 'mengade-ngade' i mean, you have to ALWAYS listen to her. if not you will 'guris' her hati or to her, you are not a good friend. if she is such a 'mulia' friend it's okay. unlikely, capitalized NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! i'm just saying. okay, i can't 'ulas' more....

OK I have been watching the whole Season 2 of ROYAL PAINS yesterday. BEST! anyways, in the finale i've learn a new word! that is:


What is 'YENTA MOUTH'???
i googled it obviously.
and what does it mean?? haha...

a person, especially a woman, who is meddlesome or gossipy; a busybody, gossip, blabbermouth.

oh my god!! haha. am i a YENTA MOUTH???
so as I was discussing with my friend Kay and I was trying to deny that I am a gossiper, and she said, 'TAKLA.. Kite memang suke GOSSIP!'.

But we have decided that we are a different category of GOSSIPERS... the cool ones and the not so cool ones.

a. the makcik-makcik / uncool ones. you know how in school / workplace there's this makcik2 yang sangat suka sebok2 cerita orang; bila nak kawen, sape bf, orang mane, kerja ape etc. WELL, I'm not in that category. DEFINITELY NOT! if this were fashion it would be like WAL-Mart/ K-Mart / Target (Though they have pretty stuffs). This category of gossipers would simply BLURT out EVERY SINGLE SECRETS to anyone they like.

b. the cool ones. OHH sangat GOSSIP GIRL. haha. where you're actually interested in the actual DIRT and only for INTERESTING PEOPLE. LOL. and it has got to be true. so UNCOOL if it's not true. MORE HIGH END. If this category of gossipers were to blurt it out, it would be in a classy way. Believe me. LOL.

In conclusion, I believe that I fall into category B. OMD! I am so perasan... HAHAHA.

This is one of my longest entries ever! HAHA.

Oh tonight, I'm going to make 'flan' for pot luck tomorrow. SIMPLE aje. but i hope it'll turn out to be good.

Monday, November 15, 2010

another cuteness

okay i must be really bored. 3 posts in just one day. hehehe. omg another cuteness. puck&rachel.

so cute

so comel la you... when you smile, i feel like smiling too =))))


after subuh i can't sleep...
because... i can't wait to watch today's episode of gossip girl...
OMD! suddenly i fikir, kan best... if i kenal diorang... haahaha...
i think today's episode will be the coolest ever!!! Chuck throws a masquerade ball and he will be all over Blair... sure comel... eiii tak sabarnye! lambat betul naik dekat side reel! petang baru ade... *sigh*

okay.. i've just googled for 'signs of migraine'...
because yesterday while i was having dinner with jue, kak yati & daya... i had a terrible headache. it usually happens after i had coffee / tea... and i had ice tea at the canteen today...
okay i've just googled and only 4 out of 44 symptoms that show i have migraine... maybe i'm exaggerating... i have to rule out migraine... hahaha.. but it was so painful! my eyes feel like nak terkeluar and frontal headache! i guess i just have low caffeine tolerance.

yesterday... yesterday... i can't remember what happened... amnesia perhaps... quote unquote Kamylea 'fatin jangan drama queen betul la'...

feels like going on a holidayyyy. but i can'tttttttttt! why???? cause i have to JAGE SPM!! urghhh... dahla mine habis exactly 20th December. technic school. what to expect? which means that I might be less bored tp mesti liana bosan tengok muka i hari2.. hahaha.. okay so friends don't forget to buy me gifts from wherever you're going... Bandung ke.. UK ke... Vietnam ke... BALI ke...

i just want to go back to Auckland and go to Queen Street everydayyy. can I? dahla tak yah g kelas hari2. OMG!! rindunyeeeeeeeeeee!!! i miss you so much... i miss sleeping @the landings too.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

LC Addict

okay. i miss LC on The Hills. Beutiful pictures of Lauren Conrad! plus i'm bored so i googled for her images. =)))))))))


what's on my mind

1. i'm so mengantuk.

2. i still haven't done my pengesahansssss.

3. i have to diet.

4. i still don't know how to braid my hair.

5. wow. the book men are from mars women are from venus is so true. but i have only read until chapter 4.

6. ok. that's that i guess.

7. oh and last week of SCHOOL!!! (after the first week, i'll be bored to death so anybody you kan ajak me keluar anytime. no matter how not-close we are. LOL)


went out for a while. it was raining so heavily. then i saw a pakcik riding a motorcycle. i feel so sad. =( cause it was a sad scene. i think my emotions have gone GAGA these few days. tapi kasihan pakcik tuuuu!!! =((((((((((

Friday, November 12, 2010

to sum up

okay. what did i do today? i woke up at 8.30. but i was so lazy to do house chores i stayed in my room at do my weekend cyber stalking. which is kind of boring. cause i have no idea who else should i stalk. pffftttt. anyways, i managed to get my lazy arse to get down and say good morning to the familia. after helping my mum *cough*rajinnye*cough*, my mum asked me to go out to Maslee with my dad to buy groceries. urghhh. definitely not the coolest place on earth. and since i just woke up i was so lazyyyy to take an early shower but my dad nak pegi ASAP so i simply wash my face & brush my teeth and put on yoga pants and ta-daaa! i'm ready to go. without combing my hair i simply tie it into a ponytail. it's not like i'll meet anyone. then my dad wanted to use my car, i was like okayyy... tak kesah pun pasal nak senang parking... when my dad entered my car macam biasela ade aje bende yang irritates him:

a. mine&liana's surat perlantikan pengawas spm. haha. it was put in my backseat. without any envelopes or files. haha.
b. i forgot to turn off my radio. and it was blasting!!!

then while looking for the stuffs... i met someone that i recognized. another teacher. but i think i managed to hide pretty well. LOL.

finally, after paying, we went straight to the car with a fully packed trolley.

then, when my dad opened the back of my car,... it was filled with goodie bags from my dinner!!! and my sport shoes, flip flop & sandals.

so to sum up, on the way back memang sakitla telingaaaaaaaa....

P/S: I know it's not much of an interesting story. but i've been reading my novel for quite a while that I need to do something else. that's why i wrote this entry.

Today I Fancy...

Today I fancy Lauren Conrad's new style book. I've read up online reviews on the book and I might get it as I love her style. Why do I love her??

a. I love her habit of playing with her hair
b. I love how she always braids her hair during the final season of 'the hills'
c. I love how she always put on scarves on her head during the first few seasons (that's why I bought scarves to =b)
d. I love how she always look great even with plain tops
e. I love how she wears her eyeliner (though I can never get it right)
f. I love the way she talks
g. I love how she wears lots of Chanel. She even gave Heidi a Chanel bag. (The Hills is where my fond towards Chanel began. BUT, for now I can only wear Chanel's perfume and makeup only =( ).
h. I love how she gets irritated easily which makes me feel like I'm not the only person who gets irritated easily as well.
i. I love how she always wears her ray ban wayfarers beautifully.

Okay after 2 hours of afternoon nap. I'm no longer EMO. LOL. That's what me thinks.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


T o d a y, I a m s o a n g r y a t y o u . B u t I s t i l l m a n a g e d t o c o n t r o l m y e m o t i o n s. W h e n i n f a c t, I'm M A D a t y o u. I t h i n k I w i l l b e f o r a w h i l e. B Y E !

'Sometimes you just need to distance yourself from people. If they care, they’ll notice. If they don’t, you know where you stand.'

so sad

okay. i've been watching chinta. so lame i know. but i'm totally hooked with the show cause tak pernah boring. usually many malay shows tend to have TOO MANY boring characters so i never follow them properly but CHINTA is like so different. and cepat aje the flow. tak la macam some shows yang asyik flashback and repeat the same songs. anyways, the ending is so sad!!!!!! i menanges gile la!! the emotions of the characters touch you deep. so the moral value: *sigh* i wish / pray that i can be such a patient woman. cause the best things come to those who wait. i like how rasul iman said to chinta that only god know 'apa yang tersurat dan tersirat' which is a reply to an earlier statement chinta made in the earlier episodes, 'manusia ni suka percaya pada yang tersurat dan tidak mahu memahami yang tersirat'. okay you might say what i'm saying is so LAME but i can't help it that i really liked the lines of the movie. i think from now on i should stop being judgmental towards others cause: a. i'm not much of a saint b. everyone has their own reasons for being whoever they are today.

P/S: they should have given some time for rasul iman to be with chinta. =b but then it wouldn't be that sad i guess.


okay this is so lame. i've been waiting forever to watch this movie, aisha. it's a hindi movie btw. anyways, it's supposed to be an adaptation / westernized version of 'Emma' Jane Austen's book. anyways, i've finally bought it and to my disappointment, it's supposed to be a ROMANTIC COMEDY but it fails to draw any of my emotions. and i can't stand the fact that is is TOO SIMILAR with 'clueless' which is like my all-time favourite romantic comedy. The only high point of the movie are the costumes and fashion trends. and the heroin is kinda cute... my favourite scene:

aisha : Papa, I think I'm in love.
papa : You think, or you know?
aisha : I think.
papa : Then it's 100% love.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


O.M.G.! I really like to put myself in embarrassing situations. Which cannot be written here... HAHA!

People I Cannot Stand

Juliette of Gossip Girl. DISLIKE!!!

Okay. I know this is such a random entry. BUT I have a list of the kind of people that I cannot stand. I would say this is only applicable to G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N.D.S. cause GUY FRIENDS can be so 'different'. cause they usually won't ruin you behind your back.

1. mcm bagus!
2. thinks that she is so cool & up-to-date (oh my god tolonglaaaa...)
3. perasan baik but is actually so G.E.D.I.K. basically pretenders.
4. backstabbers!

OMD! why am i so pissed?? it's just that i'm so angry at someone and i don't know what else to do. high school's over but the drama never ends. haha! PMS-mode me thinks.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


i was so in love with yesterday's GG episode! so comel Chuck & Blair. best episode EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE LIKE LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!