Friday, July 23, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


okay i feel like i've done everything that's necessary. haha. so i'm happily looking through korean videos and i feel like this one is so comellllll. Lee Min Ho is coming to Singapore on the 31st of July... who wants to bring me???????????????????


Joe Jonas went to Africa to visit various schools and orphanages. He even met up with Prince William. Adorable! Handsome man with a good heart. =))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Monday, July 19, 2010

christiano on vacation!


when i look at you

love is difficult,
i'm always a clumsy girl,
my heart is filled with your memories,
when i look at you my heart is touched,
my rusted heart,
my frozen heart,
you woke it.

cooler than me

i can't remember which scene was this if this scene was ever aired on GG.

haha. okay. this entry has got nothing to do with Mike Poesner's single Cooler than me. BUT i LOVE the song. haha. so me! so perasan! haha.

okay. my story for the day. oh my god!! have you ever felt so old or at an age where you have to make mature decisions. today, a teacher approached me an asked whether i like cooking. and then my reaction was like 'Errr no.. my mum always says that i act like a diva. i will wake up, eat and go out,.. when i'm back, i will eat&sleep for 8 hours..' haha. i thought that that reaction was appropriate as she was asking a general question. i also gave a frank answer. and then she was asking about my age bla bla bla. after a few minutes talking to her, she was saying that her son was the same age as mine went to W school, studied at X University and is now working at Y. i was still blur and then i realized that is this another cari jodoh segment??? %^&$^%%$#$%O*( but she still managed to add this statement, 'ala susahla i pun malas masak...' i'm like WHATTTTTTTTTT!!! i think that if i'm not a teacher people won't really care whether or not i'm married.

BUT like Blair Waldorf, i love weddingssss... haha.

Friday, July 16, 2010

my wish list

okay,.. my birthday is just around the corner *cough* *cough*... just like how some people do it for their weddings, i would also like to have a wish list. haha.


Sarah Jessica's perfumes used to be so mature / sophisticated that i don't feel like getting them. This time, she chose her fashionable counterpart Carrie Bradshaw as the muse of her new perfume. Even the bottle says BRADSHAW.

to be continued as there is a more pressing matter right now =b

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

just some update

okay the SLB's blog has been created. no entries yet however... hehe...

oh i so want to watch inception. i have to!

Monday, July 12, 2010

never look back i'd say.

*sigh* i feel like moving somewhere. cause right now, i'm at a point where i do not know what i want to do with my life. and i'm getting so sick of people asking me questions which i myself do not know the answer to these questions. no one should be deciding what i want to do with my life.

all i need is time,
a moment that is mine,
while i'm in between.

one day, i can be the happiest that i can possibly be and the next day, everything has been taken away from you. freedom, happiness, slowly becomes DESOLATE...

i am very immature. i thought that when i start working, i'll be more patient and think things through before making decisions that will hurt those around me. someone whom used to be close to me said that i have the syndrome of anak manje but i don't believe that that's true. i just am an attention seeker in nature.

i act like i'm okay. sometimes i feel like i'm okay. i want to think that i'm okay. but the truth is i'm breaking into pieces.

the environment that i am in sometimes make me feel like people do not understand me. my way of thinking...

now i hate that i am distracted and i can't focus on my work. all i need right now is for somebody to UNDERSTAND me.

AND what i want right now is not to get older and start wondering of 'the hows and whys'.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


exactly how i feel like today. i'm so depressed!!!! i need to be less emo.

anyways, the gossip girl cast has been shooting in paris this week. B is wearing less hairbands. luckily Chuck is not dead! i mean, i know his character won't be killed but i was still worried. haha. Chuck is definitely rocking the cliff hanger. His character has been spotted to be making out with Harry Porter actress Clemence Poesy.

Blair is rocking the Chanel bag. When I was saying that I like Chanel bags that perempuan gila told me that Chanel bags are skema. I was like what the heck (refer to the girl that annoys me entry). I bet Coco Chanel's ghost will come and haunt her for saying that!

B and S look so cute together. S is definitely the new Carrie Bradshaw. As much as I believe that S is pretty, I love B more than words =b.

hmmm i hope their romance won't last long as Chuck is only meant for Blair. but oh my gawdddd... he's so HANDSOMEEEE!!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

no words

to what i can relate to now.


ohmaigoddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!my degree is finally here.... i mean i could actually apply for things after this but my degree is huge-r than others. It won't fit into my file!!! i wonder how would i bring it for my SPP interview?? hehe. oh happinesssss even though i'm feeling sad. at least at the end of the day... i could fill some sunshine. hehe.


i guess due to the hormonal changes in my body i'm getting really pissed with someone. hello your mulut is really like longkang. oh my effin god. everything that comes out of your mouth is IRRITATING.

Exhibit A: while discussing about DEPRESSING stories with friends i will show my sympathy like saying 'eh kesiannye mesti sedeyh...'. she will be like 'bodohnye soalan tu takkan gembira'.

i'm like...hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you think that i like your SARCASM??? do you consider that to be witty?? are you like the cooler version of Elizabeth Bennet??

Exhibit B: I'm wearing pearls... sort of 3 layers i got it at Forever 21. Konon2 very chanel-y... And then she will be like 'eh why wear three layers??? satu aje kan cukup?? tak sarat ke???'

again, i'm like hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ingat i ni mak cik2 ke yang pearl one strand panjang tu... esp with coloured pearls...

Exhibit C: I bought this pair of Clark shoes to wear to school cause it's more formal instead of wearing my usual coloured pumps... Obviously la more expensive than Malaysian labels. And she's like 'kasut clarks punya design cam orang tua..'

i'm like... bengangnyeeeeeeeeeeee... is her taste that great???? when she always choose yucky2 colours for her clothes!!!

Conclusion: Today, fatin is capital geram. plus somebody is totally ignoring me so double double geram. There are more stories but I decide not to share everything cause I'm too lazy to write more!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

story of my life...

'Story of my life,
searching for the right..
but it keeps avoiding me..'

most of the time,
i'd pretend i'm in others shoes,
or i would listen to others experiences...

BUT, everyone has their own story...
the story might be impossible to others BUT it could happen,...

i am not talking about another HE'S JUST NO THAT INTO YOU scenarios..
NOOOO!!!! i assure you.. maybe not...
i feel like i need to write my own story...
i don't feel like i have to LISTEN TO OTHERS to decide on what's right for me...
what i need to know is will the DECISIONS make me happy???


i think NOBODY can understand this entry but this entry reminds me of Robert Frost's poem the road not taken.

will i choose the one less travelled by?