Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i want!


many many things on my mind

things on my mind

1. at last i've found my bracelet! it was the only one left. had to check on so many outlets!
2. and now i want the ring!
3. having your own broadband is not that fun after all cause that stupid celcom broadband's connection sucked since raya! big time!!
4. practicum is almost over! yabeeeda bedooooooo.
5. i have almost finished reading sleeping arrangements =)

okay nak tido! actually there aren't that many things on my mind. haha. 

Sunday, September 27, 2009


i don't like being in ipba most of the times! forcing us to do this and that is so ipba style! pdahal they can just give us a one week break after the practicum briefing!

post raya

i went to klcc. i told mark that i have to buy something today. imc card holders got great discount. had to buy 2 bags. good bargain. haha. just two. got duit raya what. haha. oh and still can't find the bracelet that i wanted. supposedly i can only get it in pavillion/mid valley. i desperately need it. am annoyed with something. not important. need to deal with it more lc style? haha.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


suddenly i missed some moments. and some people too. that made my day! hehe.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Better late than never. Haha. Sorry for all my wrongdoings and I hope that I will not repeat it ; ) This raya has been tiring!!! I went to so many places and when I came back home there were so many people who came to visit us! I prefer raya in Auckland in a way cause in a way it's not that tiring. Eii! Malasnye nak cerite. Not in the mood just yet. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How NOT To Shop

So tonight I went out with Iqa and Sal. Since the holidays is just around the corner i thought of doing some reading. i bought this new chick lit book by carmen reid - how not to shop. i was like so happy that i have something to read during the short break. ANYWAYS, suddenly i felt the urge of going into Jaspal cause there's this bag that i like. the bag is no longer there. so feeling tak 'puas hati' i thought that i should just go to nine west. without even thinking i simply pick a bag that is different from my other bags. then, on the way back i saw this shop Tiamo and their flats are on sale, if you buy two pairs la. i have bought casual shoes but i haven't bought a more 'formal' shoes for raya. so i felt like i HAD to buy it. sal bought the other one. AFTER THAT, went to Bangsar cause i wanted to show iqa the DVD store. then i had to buy DVDs too. haha. actually that is not that merepek cause i watch them. i bought the Hills season 5 and also Wizards of Waverly Place the movie. I think i should stop rambling. oh... actually this is a so-called reflection. Okay I need to start working on my lesson plan cause tomorrow is my final observation~!! Good Luck Fatin. haha.

yeay i'm happy

yeay!! i'm happy that for the first time i got a high level of competency. i feel so appreciated. haha. oh and i'm also happy that friday is an off day! i hate to say this but i think that maybe when i go back to ipba i know that i'll miss those monstrous students. 

Monday, September 14, 2009


oh! i thought i saw that S.O.B. controlling his newly created by him B.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

kill bill

kill kill kill
die die die
you kill kill kill
my dream dream dream

Saturday, September 12, 2009

fun fun fun.

had a fun weekend. watched three moviessss. hehe. i know a little bit too late to be watching up and orphan but STILL, i had fun. ahaha. i still haven't watched imagine that yet. i love all three movies but my absolute favourite is the ugly truth. i kind of liked orphan too but i was felt so tense watching it! had some fun staying at my aunt's place over the weekend playing with my cousins and she also got me some victoria's secret stuff as my uncle just got back from US.

on Friday, i officially hate teaching! i was so mad at my students that i threw their bags!

Friday, September 11, 2009

UUUUUUUUU!!!! Handsomenye!!!!

OMG!!! Meluatnye. I just saw your pictures on facebook! And it’s not even an original ray ban! What kind of style is that??? Erghhh!!! Rimas tengok muke fake you. Just get out of IPBA. Eiii now I realize I hate you and the feeling has always been there. And I won’t even mention your hairstyle! Ewwww MR beat-her-down.

sex and the 80's??

OoOoHhhhhh!!! I can't wait to watch the sequel of sex and the city 2. They are currently shooting in NY. Now they are channeling the 80's look. Carrie rocks Madonna's 80's looks and  Charlotte is Charlotte = perennially preppy. Could be a flashback. Could also be a way to deal with her rumored marital problems with BIG? There are two rumors that I heard and read:

a. Carrie goes through menopause. Or is it Samantha??
b. BIG looses his job. Move to London. Got a one bedroom apartment and cheated on Carrie. Carrie got pregnant.

I just can't wait to watch this movie. BUT, I think they should stop portraying BIG as the bad guy. although the audience still loves him. ahaha. he is lovable even when he's a jerk. i guys men in general are like that. ; )

I like the combination of apple green with pink.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

shit happens

shit happens. sometimes good shit happens too. =)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

just a thought

i suddenly feel like writing what i feel. i have been feeling this feeling for the past few weeks. i don't know how to call it? neglected. check. terase. check. you used to be the person who always check on me whenever we are seperated. BUT this time, you never did. i'm not mad or anything. i just felt that i am left behind in your little world where i used to feel belonged once. if you do that to others too i won't feel abandoned... but i know you never abandon the rest. you are even nice to people who are not close to you. or am i only remembered when my presence is there? i guess i kind of miss you but there's no point because you don't even seem to remember my existence???? *sob*sob* just a thought to YOU. <3

other than that, i am having a blast. haha.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

verge to suicidal??

i'm so stressed with all the observations. and i don't think i like teaching that much. i'm going mad being in school most of the time. =(. maybe i need a new bag to cheer me up. *sigh*


i can be so emotional or ridiculous. whatever you want to call it. well, at least i am not HURTFUL.

Friday, September 4, 2009

in jb

am in jb now. my sis came to ipba yesterday and the driver picked the three of us back to jb. got back at 1.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

C and B

I saw these pictures in Nylon blogs. These are taken from Nylon Korea. Leighton = GORGEOUS.

Dance Flick

I have just finished watching Dance Flick. I HATEEEEEE it!!!! Luckily I did not watch it at the cinema. It was so fucking stooooopid!!!

Love Drunk

Oh I love this year's birthday. Many of my friends remembered my birthday. Haha. Although I didn't go out that much as I'm busy with my practicum. BUT Marky will go back with me for the weekend so i can still celebrate with my family during the weekend. Oh oh even though I was busy I still went out to pick out my present from Marky. Ahaha. I don't like surprises so I have to choose my own present. hehe.
Mark gave me this Logitech Pure Fi for my iPhone. I have always wanted one of this because I saw this in Dirty Sexy Money. Hahaha.