Sunday, August 29, 2010

blair channeling chanel

oh mon dieu! i just went on perez and gossip girl season 4 stills are out!!! my absolute favourite is definitely blair spotted shopping at chanel! *sigh* when will i get my first chanel bag??? having chanel no5 doesn't can not be carried!!! LOL.

love love love this black & white polka dot dress

when i watched E! leighton commented that there will be a lot of chuck & blair that the audience will not love as there will be a lot of fights. i can't wait for september 13 to come! september is a good month! my birthday and all my favourite shows return!!! can't wait!!!

oh just now i bought two perfumes. juicy couture and moschino:funny. new scents! new memories! LOL.

it's chanel iman

okay if your name is chanel, you would definitely be pretty. chanel iman is definitely my favourite model of today. she's a younger version of kimora lee simmons. but i think chanel is prettier. =b

note to self

note to self: i have to buy raya cards!!! keep on terlupe ajeeee!! hehe.

Friday, August 27, 2010

7 deadly sins

Tatiana : greed

The 7 deadly sins @ Cardinal Sins : wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, gluttony & envy. I was sort of doing my window-online shopping. And then I went, I want this... I want that... Suddenly, I thought about America's Next Top Model Cycle 4 photo shoot. the 7 deadly sins. I have to admit I have been committing many of these sins. =b BUTTTTT GREED is my DEADLY SIN!!! I can't control myself. My sister is coming back from the states in December (that is 4 months away!!!) and I was already thinking about what I WANT... since I wanted so many things I changed my mind to thinking of things that I NEED. and then, while i was browsing through Victoria's secret page I was like so pissed that VS is not available in MALAYSIA! urghhhh!! and then i was like thinking of who might be going to the US a lot earlier and coming back earlier too. haha. and then i was like.... the devil inside me is SO TERUKKKK. i mean i have to have everything that i want at the time that i need it. GREED! say no to greed!!!

xo Fatin Haya.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

i'm so savvy!!! =b

okay after today, i realize that i've used my iphone to the MAXIMUM. for the first time i tak membazirrrrr. LOL. why?

okay first, i've finally learned how to use my ibooks!!! now i don't have to buy books as i have downloaded them into my phone. gossip girl: check. shopaholic series: check. advanced grammar: CHECK!!!. LOL. oh my effin god. i'm just so excited.

*cough*cough* i have only learned a few weeks back how to put in videos into my iphone.. okay i knowwwww. too late!!! anyways,..... not only do i include music videosssss, i have inserted victoria's secret fashion shows into my iphone as well. LOL.

note to self: i need to go to a computer shop and get myself a converter DVD. i'm SICK of doing everything online.

now that i'm such a savvy user of iphone3 perhaps it is a sign that i should get an iphone4? actually i thought of changing to BB but my friend told me that once i'm an apple user it's difficult for me to switch backkkk. or like any other brandssssss...

what do you think? me thinks YESSSSSSS... i should get iphone4. or perhaps an IPAD!!! but on black friday, it is said that google will come out with another TABLET.. focus fatin focussssss.

okay i can't wait NEXT WEEK i'm getting another JOJO (i have to jojos: one is my PUPPY). actually JOJO has arrived yesterday morning BUTTTTT, it needs to be FINALIZED. perfect timing.. a great birthday gifttttt???

haha. this is such a WEIRD entry. i don't think anybody can understand this entry unless you are in my close circle of friendssss...

okay i need to sleep now. PRONTOOOO!

p/s : i need a new watch!!! with the fact that i might get the rm500 bonus i thought of getting a toywatch instead of a baby-g / swatch. but i don't knowwwww!!! i really don'tttt. i'll just wait until next week. =b

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


okay. i have been under the radar for the past few days. why? cause i'm totally hooked with this new NBC drama Parenthood. I wouldn't say that i would choose this show over Brothers&Sisters but I kind of dig this show. This show is more realistic and it portrays an American family. It shares the headache, heartaches and joy of being parents. sounds old? try and watch it. it's kind of addictive. i won't summarise this series as you can just google it. IF there are READERS. LOL.

XOfatin haya.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

it's just crush. CRUSH.

okay yesterday when i went to the mosque with my mum and an old friend,... we can't help but reminisce 10 years ago... when we were in Form 2, i had my first crush to this really tall guy. By tall i mean really tall.. he was 190 cm. PLUS, he was my so-called-abang angkat (obviously he had a GF). so, as i was in my Form 2, i wasn't really allowed to go out in the weekends as i had a really packed schedule. plus, i was in the afternoon session and he was in the morning session (he was form 5). anyways, one way that my friends and i did was to look at him during tarawikh. usually i did see him as i know the colours of his baju melayus (stalker much huh) and he's really tall so i can even peeked him although we were in different spaces (as in inside the mosque). and when i went to the mosque i will usually put on my BEST baju kurungs as i might TERSEREMPAK with him in one of the shops nearby. haha. so stupid rightttt? usually i would 'accidentally' bumped into him. and we would just smile at each other and exchange like two-three sentences. LIMITED!

TODAY, when I think back, I was CAPITALIZED STUPID back then. haha. and 3 years ago, before i flew off to NZ I did help out for his wedding as he's married to my neighbour. and when i looked back at his face i was like NOT THAT COMEL pun. why did i have such a lame crush and i made a fool out of myself countless of times. haha. in fact last year when i went to Clark&Hatch and i saw him i can't help but laugh at myself. i guess that's what you call crush. and it happened to me so many times in the past.

IN FACT, yesterday I did not dress up to go to the mosque. I was simply wearing my Little Miss Naughty pajamas and that's why my friend kept on laughing at me. She said that i used to dress up a little bit too much.. HAHA.

okay. this story might not be interesting to YOU. but i thought it was an interesting story. at least to ME.

xoFatin Haya.


i don't know why but i'm becoming too sensitive this past few days...

without realising it, i get terase&sakit hati very easily...

perhaps, i'm expecting more from others,

and i expect others to understand me as well....

i wish that i'm one of those 'tak kesah' gals,

where if you don't need me than i won't need you as well...

or maybe perhaps, i'm just lonely...


okay in a more positive tone, i was reading others' blogs and i saw this recipe... so easy!! perhaps i'll try it tomorrow... hehe.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


during my MRSM days, there was this girl who was like really CRAZY. by CRAZY i mean really crazy. anyways, this girl really liked to BULLY other people. cause she's like GIANT in DORAEMON. for example, when queuing up to buy something, whenever she comes, she will simply cut the queue. i even had a fight once over the TV's remote control (according to my friend but i don't really remember). and OBVIOUSLY i LOST. eiii memangla ntah pehape betul perangai dulu. ahahaha. so i was stalking her FB and blog today and she's ENGAGED!! she's getting married next month and i was like rolling my EYES! i don't know whether to say my reaction is positive or negative. BUT i cannottttt believe thissssssssssss!!! haha. okay this is a short and random entry but yeah... i'm just SURPRISED.

oh yes. i'm tired of being EMO and DEPRESSED on my blog. life can be a misery but i still managed to put a smile on my face and laugh whenever NEEDED.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


i don think i can bottle up my feelings anymore. i want to think of the right medium to say it out loud but when i feels like doing it something would stop me from doing it. complicated aite? i just want...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

i am stubborn.

i am stubborn. period. i hate being ordered around. especially when i see there isn't any point for you to order me around. supposedly YOU have YOUR PRIORITIES right? well DEAR, i have MY PRIORITIES too!!! when you have just INFORMED me about this YESTERDAY!!!! if supposedly you have 'known' about this thing prior, why did you have to make other ENGAGEMENTS??? i am so damn pisseddddddddddddd. and i'm not in a mood to ENTERTAIN you and your priorities!


okay due to this fasting month and this is just the second day i'm writing a special entry on FOODS. hehe. the foodSSSSS that i'm craving for be it i can@cannot have it (as i can only get mostly in auckland)...

*drum rollings*


heat pizza @ wellesly (mount street)! oh my god. rindunyeeeeeee. back during the days when i am penniless, i will just buy a cheese pizza that cost only $5 (NEVER EVER convert when you're living abroad). even the cheese pizza is deeeeeee-liiiiiiii-cioussssssss. and then i also like to eat BBQ chicken pizza. pizza hut okayla but the cheese is not the same as the one in NZ. and don't even get me started on the pizzas @fresco hmmmm though a bit costly lagi la sedapppp. suddenly i feel sad that i don't have a picture of me @heat pizza =( because kan dekat uni aje. buat apela nak amek gambar...


damn ittttttt. i miss ikea's meatballs too. one of my bestest memories last year was when salina, fina & i wanted to go jogging @bangsar... when we were about to go jogging it started to rain heavily so instead of going back and eating at SCUD(ipba's food) we decided to eat @ikea. *salivating* even the egg tart is delicious. WHY am I living in JAYBEEEEEE?? urgh!!! even when bored after class pun can go ikea cause dekat je. now i only have Tebrau city =(


1901. nyum nyum. eating eat while watching movies. at least this i can still get it in jb but i have to get it @leisuremall @gsc. so whenever i go and watch movies there i'd buy it. *my stomache is singing lapar2*


St pierre's sushi. the one that can be bought @uni. in malaysia got sushi king and it's not that satisfying and it's not cheap either. small2 salmon. i don't like. LOL. and also onigiri. OMG. i miss eating GOOD SUSHI. and also takoyaki.


good old korean food! i've never tried korean food in malaysia cause i don't want to spoil my taste buds but having good korean food can make me happy. BBQ chicken & beef, fish egg hot&spicy soup, hot&spicy squids and the FREE side dishes. hehe. and then i'll eat in the mangkung besi and besi chopsticks which will make me feel very ngiluuuu. hehe.


italian denso @chocolate boutique @parnell. omg it's like the MOST DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE ever! i even have a picture of me eating it but malas to find it. it's warm & deliciousssssssss. it's what i'd call perfection.

4 FISHES in auckland. SNAPPER in particular. be it snapper fish&chips. or even the one that i'd bakar on my own. i still remember in the old days when baru masuk allowance we'd go to Taiping and buy it cause snapper is a bit more expensive la then dory.


this i can get in here. BUT in JB i don't where to get. if in IPBA i always buy it @pasar kerinchi.

2 USJ4 Bazaar Ramadhan! I simply LOVE the chinese muslim food. The claypot chicken rice is delicious!!! ade ikan masin and chilli potong. oh now i miss USJ plakkkkk. when i'm in USJ i'll be like kat JB got this this and thattttt. LOL.


oh my god burger fuel rindunye!!!! my favourite is C N CHEESE. i wonder when will i ever go back and eat there. =b. the burger is SO BIGGGG that i always end up not finishing eat. haha. i love eating the fries served with aioli dip. AHHHH-MAHHHH-ZINNNNNGGGG.

okay actually i'm craving for a lot more FOODS. like suddenly i'm beginning to be more REALISTIC and down to earth by thinking about Char Keow Teow and chocolate indulgence @secret recipe. hmmmm. this could be a neverending entry. so GOODBYE for NOW.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

it's sad. so sad.

it's sad. so sad. it's a sad sad situation. and it's getting more and more awkward.

i don't know why sometimes i tend to make silly mistakes. always. not sometimes.

i want to focus on just one thing in life. but, i get distracted easily.

it hurts me so much in the chest.

i wish that every single matter that i need to deal with would take turns and queue up.

cause when everything comes to me in one go, i could not handle it.

and i tend to drop things easily.

and right now i'm having another fatin haya's meltdown.

i just won't shave my head (trying to insert a 'humorous' element)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

stylish interior. i dream of you.

after stressing out over my work i decide to watch SATC 2 again. YES. i like to watch the same movies over and over again. oh i just love carrie and big's apartment. as much as i love the traditions in charlotte's house and the all white kitchen, i feel like carrie's apartment has more personality. it doesn't only reflect her but both of them. elements of masculinity like its linear midcentury furnishing and dark woods and with feminine accessories like whimsical rugs and cheerful botanical themed fabrics complements the space. when i own my own place it will be inspired by C&B's apartment. i don't think i'd want an all pink apartment. LOL.

his and her's wardrobe. heaven.

oh my god. i really like to dream. haha. now i'm trying to find the curtains in C&B's apartment so that when i do own my own house, i have my inspiration already. =b
at last found it. but this picture is not that good. the curtain&colour looks better on screen. look at the flowers on the coffee table. i adore it. the windows are a real classic.

final scene. the view of the apartment at night. oh i'm definitely drooling over their apartment.

the beautiful kitchen. =)
okay. bye for now!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

in loving memory

in loving memory of past life. i know that i should be punished and i should stop hurting people. i complicate my own life and i tend to screw things up. twisted is my middle name. i hope that GOD would make me strong at this period of time.

When I'm lost in the rain
In your eyes I know I'll find the light
To light my way, when I'm scared losing ground
When my world is going crazy you can turn it all around
And when I'm down you're there pushing me to the top
You're always there giving me all you've got

For a shield, from the storm for a friend, for a love
To keep me safe and warm, I turn to you
For the strength to be strong, for the will to carry on
For everything you do, for everything that's true, I turn to you

When I lose the will to win
I just reach for you and I can reach the sky again
I can do anything 'cause your love is so amazing
'Cause your love inspires me
And when I need a friend you're always on my side
Giving me faith taking me through the night

For a shield, from the storm, for a friend, for a love
To keep me safe and warm, I turn to you
For the strength to be strong and for the will to carry on
For everything you do I turn to you yeah

For the arms to be my shelter through all the rain
For truth that will never change for someone to lean on
But for a heart I can rely on through anything
For the one who I can run to oh I turn to you

For a shield from the storm, for a friend, for a love
To keep me safe and warm, I turn to you
For the strength to be strong, for the will to carry on
For everything you do, for everything that's true
For everything you do, for everything that's true, I turn to you

was looking through my videos and found this. i miss studying life =(

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

very very tak kesah.

i am in a very very tak kesah attitude right now. before i start to dive into my troubles, i've just realised something:

Leighton Meester

Olivia Palermo

They're like sisters! They are so ALIKE. I know the City is like so dead right now that i still care for Olivia Palermo but since I am reminiscing GG old episodes, I can't help to notice the similarities between them....

my feelings: i feel so stupid. for doing stupid things. even when it's not worth it.i've hurt people along the way.will i ever grow up?

Monday, August 2, 2010


Filico (a Japanese company) is selling luxury water in sparkling Hello Kitty bottles. The water comes in five different flavors: Red (friendship), Pink (cute), Yellow (heartful), Green (wish) and Lavender (sweet). The bottles cost $100 or $500 for all five. You can also add $25 to get your name engraved. Would you buy one?