Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why I love them.

Why do I love you?
I can always count on your loyalty.

Why do I love you?
I can trust you.

Why do I love you?
I know you will help me when I need you.

Why do I love you?
My best shopping partner.

Why do I love you?
I know you're my listener.

Why do I love you?
You help me clean :-)

Why do I love you?
You make me laugh.

Why do I love you?
You're my everything.

Monday, March 23, 2009


I guess now I'm getting used to the changes here in Malaysia compared to Auckland. I don't agree with many of the changes but I am definitely coping with it. BUT I'm hating the fact that the attendance here sangatla MEMAKSE!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gossip Girl

Blair, Serena, Chuck Bass & co are back!!! They are on the cover of the new issue of Rolling Srone (April 2009). They are looking hot! Sexy! Nyum!! Kudos to Rolling Stone!

Glad that Gossip Girl is backkkk. :-))))))))))))))

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


suddenly i just realized that Fatin is a common name. I don't feel special. Everywhere one goes, there is a Fatin. HaHa.. Thought of the day.

I am too lazyyyy

I am so lazy to do anything todayyyy. Even though I have assignmentsssssssssssssssss to submit. So leceh this sem. Even though there will only be two big exams instead of 4, it is so susah cause we have to design our own test! macam macam la.!!!.!!!.!!!. Just now I went shopping with my mum and aunt. But beli bende2 bodo je. PJs. Panties. Socks. Umbrella. LOL. I guess those are essential needs but I guess it is no longer considered to be essential since I bought them dekat Esprit and LaSenza. Because my mum asked me to buy essential needs to bring back to IPBA. Umbrella is so important. KL hujan hari2. That's why I had been ill for the past few weeks. I went through the rain so banyak kali. Oh. Dah lame tak dengar lagu Mariah Carey. Haha. I always want to justify myself when I tend to get things that I don't really need ke? haha. Oh yeah! Just now I went to Bobbi Brown. The Bright Eyes Pallete isn't there. It's a limited edition so it is in KL only. Ish! rugi tak beli dekat the gardens hari tu. I guess if it's meant to be I'll be seeing it soon. Hahaha. Okayla. I want to sleep... ZzZzZz.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I set my eye on an eye palette ;-)

Today I had a haircut. That's not the point of my entry for today. hehe. I've been eyeing for this eye palette. oh i want it!!! Bobbi Brown Brights Collection Eye Palette. It has 35 bright colours! and it's only rm230! Supposedly she designed this palette during a fashion show and decided to do a limited edition eye palette out of it. You can play with colourssssss. It is such a chic version of Crayola crayon box. So why shouldn't I but it? Hmmmm. Most probably I will never wear the colours since I sort of love the au natural look. Or in other words I'm always too lazy to actually put on some make up. HOWEVER, I might be wearing it if I were to have it. Hehe. I guess I need a sign. If I see it tomorrow I might have to get it. Bye for now!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I guess sometimes I'm just too sensitive that I have to terase. But I'm really pissed off at people who want others to please them but they are not doing the same thing. It really really really annoy me. So inconsiderate! Every time pun nak ikut your kerajinan.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


In usj right now. Hmm. Am loving it here cause there's free internet. Thanks levelone. Am trying to start reading my scheme of work since I am far left behind compared to other IPBArians but somehow I'm just too lazy to use my brain. Hmmmm. That's all. Right now I'm just wondering la kan. Why nothing is ever enough for me? When I have something there's always something else that I one. If only I am more bersyukur! hehe.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I just realized that I have this weird need. I never knew I had. Or maybe I was in denial. I have to keep it as a secret.

when you start

'when you start something, it will be difficult for you to stop it'. *sigh* how true it is.