Friday, September 24, 2010

the girl in the pink door

okay this is such a perfect door to my dream living alone house. i mean in one of my previous entries, i talked about having a dream house like Carrie&Big's. This is a perfect house for pre Carrie&Big. if you know what i mean.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

because of YOUUUU!!

okay i was so-called INSPIRED these past few daysssssss. but mine will not be exactly like this especially that tight cause like duhhh. she freakin has a hot bod. LOL.

P/S: okay can YOU stop being PISSED OFF at ME????

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i feel so saddddd

spotted: i. Chuck&Blair reunite in Paris. at the train station.
ii. Blair's ruffly red ball gown
iii. Chuck's honest working man shirt

Tears were swelling in my eyes when I watched this week's episode of Gossip Girl. I cried like a baby. I can't believe that this season, it would be the end of chuck-bass era. 'It wouldn't be my world without you in it'. *sob*sob*

This was the scene that made me cry like a baby.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday Everyone!!! My Monday almost comes to an endddd!! =))))))))

pre Monday blues

okay note to self: i still haven't watched season 7 / 8 Part 2 of One Tree Hill. I can't keep track of the show anymore. but i can't keep my eyes of Brooke Davis. so i will watch it.

currently i'm watching Rules of Engagement. It's not F.R.I.E.N.D.S but the show cracks me up most of the time. A good 'activity' to do in order to reward yourself before MONDAY!!! urghhhh!!!! i miss having summer and winter breaksss!!! if only Malaysia were four seasonssss!!! (okay. keep on dreaming)

okay. suddenly. i feel the sudden urge to braid my hair. i know it's so LAST YEAR when Lauren Conrad was still in The Hills but I think it's so pretty as at times I am sick of wearing headbands. I wish I know how to braid my hair!

nicole richie rocking the braids!

and of course the always beautiful Lauren Conrad.

I can't help but I have a thing for beautiful girls. Well, who doesn't?? Three of my always favourite ladies (guilty pleasure):

a. Blair Waldorf (not a big fan of Leighton Meester though)
b. Britney Spears (i'm always her biggest supporter)
c. Lauren Conrad (just love her style and BAD HABITS. LOL)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ellen DeGeneres, Olsen Twins, Oversized Sunglasses!

So, for the first time EVER, Ellen DeGeneres interviewed Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. To poke some fun from those two, Ellen hooked them up with two of their favourite accessories oversized sunglasses & purses. HIGH-larious.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dear Fairy Godmother

Dear Fairy Godmother,

I have not been kind like Cinderella but I did try to be as kind as I can possibly be. I have the sudden urge to shop. BUT, I can't. Why? I'm not referring to MOOLAH although I wouldn't mind getting more. What I am wishing is that there are more stores designed to suit my needs here in JB. So please dear fairy godmother have these stores for me:

1. Diva
2. Charles&Keith
3. Aldo
4. Forever 21
5. Cotton On
6. Nine West
7. Liz Clairborne

These aren't even high end stores. it's just a place for me to purchase my basic needs. So please dear Fairy Godmother, build these stores for me here in JB. I promise I'll be good.

oh can you also speed up the internet connection speed here. (take note I'm not using any vulgar words)

P/S: I also have the sudden urge to make a lace baju kurung modern in TAN. hmmm. could be a good dress for kendurisssss.

Krysten Ritter for Banana Republic

I have been meaning to write this entry since like FOREVER. okay i am exaggerating. but I have been meaning to write this entry since a few weeks back. Confessions of a Shopaholic 'Suze' aka Krysten Ritter is the new face for Banana Republic's fall campaign. She looks AH-MAH-ZINGGGG!!! with her 'spidery long legs' and natural beauty i think she's the right star for Banana Republic's new ad campaign. i wish i can be as thin as her. one can only wish. *sigh*

the white shirt. a basic wardrobe need that every woman should have. i just bought mine like three weeks ago.

the trench coat. SO NOT APPLICABLE in Malaysia. =b

the commercial.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

storing my pretties

okay after making the headband holders yesterday, i was 'inspired' to organize my necklaces etc. as i haven't worn most of them for ages. plus, most of them are tangled with each other. so kesian!! haha. before putting up the pictures, honestly i still haven't put up most of my earrings, as it will take up more time and i want to update my blog ASAP. LOL.

this is my so called jewellery area where i organize and show off my jewellery. it is near behind my dressing table so while i am getting ready i can always think of which ring / necklace to wear for work.

this is my earring holder. only for earrings with hook back. i made this myself using a shoe box and a pair of fishnet panty hose. easy peasy.

this is where i store my cocktail rings using an old ice cream dish. =b

in the ashtray: earrings with loop back and my favourite pins
frame below: are for earrings with post backs. i still have more of them inside my jewellery box but i'm too lazy to put in on straightaway. =b

now, all i need is a bangle holder and i have quite a number of chunky bangles. that i think i need to buy. =b i hope that now, i'll be fair to all my prettiesssss. hehe.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i have finally changed my blog design cause i want something simpler. today i woke up at 10 andfinish marking my students' test papers. it feels good to begin your day with something so productive. okay. i still haven't watched the latest gossip girl episode yet.

who you are

“Be who you are, and say what you feel,
because those who mind don’t matter,
and those who matter don’t mind.”
Dr. Seuss

you have to read this quote a few times before the words actually sink in. The people who accept you for who you are and let you be yourself are actually the ones that matter.

oh i'm so happy to be back in JB. i'm so tired of picking out clothes from my luggage. i need choices!! haha. i spent so much in KL on good INVESTMENT i think. LOL.

i'm so not looking forward for MONDAY next week! urghhhhh!!!

headband holder DIY

okay i am so stress! my room is in a mess! i have too many things. anyways, i love headbands. due to the gossip girl craze. haha. i have quite a number of headbands and i put everything in a basket and i tend to forget to wear some of them as they are located at the bottom of the basket. initially, i thought of buying a headband holder but as i was googling for headband holders, i found a DIY guide to a headband holder buy using oatmeal tubs! so let's get creative i thought. according to the website, it'd only take you minutes but as i am not much a creative person and i can be very clumsy handling scissors it took me about 1/2 hour to complete it. anyways, the pictures!!!

the oatmeal tubs.

i used a wrapping paper to wrap the bottles. i've had this wrapping paper since ages ago. i think it would look prettier if i were to use cloth but heck i do not want to use any $$$.

some of my headbands. there were still a few downstairs and i was too lazy to get them. =b

my headbands in my own DIY headband holders. =)

i thought that making two headband holders were enough but it turns out that i still needed to store some into the basket as i ran out of ENERGY and OATMEAL TUBS. i will be making another one soon. =b

oh tonight the first episode of GG. can't wait!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


okay. this entry is like so random. yesterday while i was watching a cerekarama (is that the right word choice?), one of the not-so-famous character mentioned about 'syak wasangka'. like how it can destroy you and how it can lead to hatred. nobody has ever told me before (or perhaps i was in denial) i really like to have DOUBTS toward others. i mean, i am paranoid. sometimes people do what they do because they are who they are. emmmm. so true!! so as of yesterday, whenever someone does something that may appear to be suspicious, or may not be pleasing to my eyes, i will never ever DOUBT them. they may have their own reasons... okay that's all!!!.

XO fatin haya ismail