Friday, October 31, 2008

to do list

today, i don't have anything urgent that I have to do. So, I'm planning to sort my things out. These are the things that I plan to do today. Oh yeah before I forget, since I wake up at 11.30 I will have to start my day at 1.00 pm. LOL.

1300:wash dirty laundry/shower
1330:blow my hair

1345:move my laundry to the dryer/wash my towels & bath towels

1400:cook myself some maggi/stream this week's grey's anatomy

1415:eat while watching grey's anatomy
1445:get the first batch of clothes out of the dryer and hang them/dry the second batch of laundry

1500:start reading through the storm/get the chicken out of the freezer
1545:get the second batch of laundry out of the dryer

1700:start cooking for dinner
1830:dinner is served/wash my bedsheet, pillow cases and duvet cover

1900:start eating dinner

1930:put the washed bedding stuff in the dryer

2030:start making my bed
2100:start writing my resignation letter to Foodtown

2200:suke hati la i nak wat ape!!!hehe.

gee.i wonder will i be following these. well i have to organize myself today!!! :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

so sad

i lost my iphone. in my own house. it's so sadddd :( and it seems that i lost my camera too.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i have a story.

i have a story.
once a upon a time, there lived two girls in a house. They live quite happily. Although they always fight with each other, they try to keep the peace at home. One day, one of the girls become friends with a monster. The monster is really huge and ugly. He speaks a lot too. The monster and the girl got really close that they always cook together, dance together, shower together, watch movies together, sleep together and eat together. The other girl got really mad as the house is small and the monster is really big!!! The monster and the girl also like to make a lot of mess! it's like they are pooping in the house. The other girl got really violent and decide to kill the monster and the girl. So sad! Kesian. Cerite ini tiade kaitan antara yang hidup dan mati. hahaha.

what's new??

what's new with me?'s family is in auckland right now.. and i selalu menyebokla kat umah diorang and ikut jalan jalan. pastuh.. hari hari dikecewakan oleh e**** yang tak masuk masuk lagi... #$%@%$@#.. haha. like sal when she's doing her assignments..i just finished submitting a 1500 words assignment.. i slept for 12 hours after that!!. i hate it when you don't sleep for a day. even after sleeping for 12 hours the next day you still can't replace it. especially when i will always need y 8 hours of sleep. just like a baby. haha. shit. this blog is about sleeping is it? hahahahaha. oh now before the exams on the 15th and 17th I have loads of time. which i aim to spend on:
a) shopping once the allowance is in
b) finishing stephanie meyer's books
c) packing my stuff to send back
d) preparing for EXAMS
e) watch loads and loads of DVDS.
and I can't wait for nab and myto to move in. So, it won't be that sunyi anymore. Because mark is always sleeping. haha. plus myto can cook for me! haha. Okay. I'm going out with nab's parents. Bye!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


rain rain go away.
come back another day.

tiru salina yang tiru amrien

i'm so bored. so i've decided to write something. this piece was inspired by salina. haha. i copied this from salina who copied this from amrien.. seven eleven katenye. hehehe.

7 random facts about me
1. I create my own telenovela on my mind with my own characters when I want to fill my time.
2. I like to give excuses when someone wants me to do something and I don't feel like doing it.
3. I never read books that aren't mine.
4. I am so easily influenced by TV shows.
5. I will always need somebody by my side.
6. When I eat, I don't like when there's so many gravy.
7. I am a Britney Spears fan.

7 things that scare me
1. Death
2. Height
3. Dogs
4. Ghosts
5. Living alone
6. Being scolded by my parents
7. Masuk hutan

7 random music at the moment
1. womanizer
2. piece of me
3. bleeding love
4. take a bow
5. how could an angel break my heart
6. better in time
7. like i'll never see you again

7 things i say the most
1. maybe
2. elaun tak masuk lagi
3. haaaaa.. tau tak
4. boringla.
5. hi!!!
6. eiiiii. tak suke gile die tu.
7. dah start wat assignment?

7 things i treasure the most
1. my novels
2. my room
3. internet?
4. my DVDs
6. iphone
7. laptop

7 'first time' things i ever did
1. lived outside of university accommodation this year
2. work as a cleaner 2007 (AWFUL!)
3. lost my handbag at GSC Midvalley in 2005.
4. bought my own handphone using my own cash this year
5. lived away from home. form 4 MRSM.
6. eat bende yang bercengkerang this year. mussels.
7. masak nasi when i was in form 2.

Friday, October 24, 2008

geram gile okay. a long lost friend actually got the nerve to text me and ask me to return her book that she said I borrowed. She said that I have to pulangkan it today cause another friend wants to read it today jugak.OMG!!!!poyonyeee...hello!!!nak attention sangat ke.i've passed it AGES ago like summer hari tuh kot.whateverrr.AND when I wanted to get back my DVDs susah pulak kan.poyo gilela.dahla gile kuase.LOL.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


gee. i can't remember the last time that i actually viewed my own blog. i think that i might start writing again. what's new? hmm. soon, i'll be leaving New Zealand. I know that I'll miss NZ but somehow I can't wait to go back as well. But I'm definitely not psyched on going back to IPBA. The assignments, early classes, the lack of freedom,.....aish..okayla. ngantukla. maybe i should sleep for a while..xoxo..