Wednesday, November 30, 2011

so true!

this has got to be one of the best friendship quotes that i have found! =)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cheesecake In A Glass

Because of the Big Bad Wolf book sale, I have bought a lot of recipe books.. I thought that this Cheesecake In A Glass recipe is very simple & doable for a lazy person like me.. =b But instead of using fancy martini glasses like nigella, I just used ramekins..

the recipe that i managed to find online... hehe.. but i didn't do any measuring as i'm too lazy to do so..

my chopped strawberries... hehe.. it doesn't look so pretty..

my shortbread biscuits... i simply used my own fingers to crush them =b

distributed the crumbs equally into each ramekin...

the mixture of cream cheese, whipped cream, lemon juice, vanilla extract & icing sugar...

distributed the cream cheese equally...

and finally top it with the chopped strawberries!!

i'm so doing it in a glass next time.. but it's so so so simple and delicious!!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Have you watched it?

I've just watched the first part of gossip girl season. omg. i have to admit. it's a bit boring. as there's no more CHAIR (chuck+blair). however the end of of episode 6 is just oh so romantic!!

Lesson 1

Just depend on yourself. so that you don't have to EXPECT so much from someone. =)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I don't know why but I feel that I'm getting more & more sensitive these days. I would get upset just because somebody raises his / her voice at me. (even though i tend to do the same thing too). i think i need some space and room to think for myself. i should please myself first instead of expecting others to please me. =)

I feel stupid for being too emotional..

what's the difference?

okay since i'm busy with the first stage of preparing for my wedding, i simply cannot decide what type of wedding ring that i want. i don't want to be one of those people who would just buy all the rings that they like and would make their fingers look like orang gila.. batu merah sini batu putih sana.. if you get what i mean..

my engagement ring is a diamond ring and many people feel that it's too much for an engagement ring..

for example, kate (yes.. we are already on first name basis).. haha.. mesti nak compare ngan somebody famous.. her engagement ring is a sapphire ring while her wedding ring is just a plain wedding band..

so i decide to do some research.. haha..

it turns out, that i am doing the right thing!!! haha..

'The first ring that would be given (if he chooses to) is the promise ring. this ring symbolizes his promise and your promise to be faithful to each other and basically tells everyone that you are both off the market. This ring is thin and small...usually has a small diamond (under a 1/10th karat). The engagement ring is the ring given when you and he promise to each other to be married at some point. This ring is usually in gold or white gold with a large diamond (solitare) or with three stones like mine. This is worn on the left ring finger. The wedding band is either a plain gold band or a band that matches the engagement ring. this ring is given on your wedding day as part of the ceremony. it is worn together with the engagement ring on your left hand.'

so now i am determine to choose a perfect wedding band that matches my engagement ring... so that i can wear them together and not have my fingers looking like orang gila...

P/S: sorry if this entry is boring you!