Saturday, March 26, 2011


Sorry that I've been neglecting this blog. And I've also stopped reading others blogs for a while too. cause I've been SUPER busy!! haha. i've been working on my E-portfolio for my CALL class. We have to sort of create our own websites and I tried using blogspot but there aren't a lot of functions. It's still in the initial stage and i'm still an amateur in using Weebly. I've decided to publish my site here:

Do visit my page and please provide suggestions if you have any.. and only if you do visit my page.. haha...

This week, I have surrender to my emotions.. my heart is full of anger and fury.. What I've learned is that you can never be TOO YOUNG to be BACKSTABBERS and such WANNABES.. I know they are simply lacking in the COGNITIVE department.. so... pffttt whatever... like the old people would say, 'ada ubi ada batas, ada hari boleh balas'

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

closet office???

would you like a closet office?? i wouldn't want one at the comfort of my own home but i sure wouldn't mind having one in the staff room. than i can sleep as long as i want.. my day kicks off too earlyyyyyyyyyy!!!! okay *sleepy mode*