Sunday, May 30, 2010

Prince of Persia

Hello. Since I had to have tuition on a Sunday I felt like giving myself an incentive. So, I text Jue and invited her to go out with me cause she has been HOME ALONE for the weekend. I had wanted to watch the Prince of Persia since last year. At first I thought that I would not like to movie but I had to watch it as I need to drool over Jake Gyllenhaall. How I wish that I were Reese Witherspoon even for a day. Hehe. One can only dream. BUT the movie turned out to be A*W*E*S*O*M*E. Please let there be a sequel. LOL. Oh I feel like swimming in his eyes. Hehehe. Those who haven’t watched the movie please do. Why? Because I said so. ;-b

Saturday, May 29, 2010

in a HAPPY mood

my bed

okay so i went to kl for the weekend. i was so happy being inside KINOKUNIYA. how i've missed that place. oh and madam kwan's too. At first, we planned to eat at the Loaf (Tun Mahathir's restaurant) but there wasn't enough time. Maybe next time. that Empire place looks pretty cool. even though last weekend when i was in singapore i managed to go to Vivo, it is not the same as KL. it reminds me of the wonderful memories. Anyways, when I was at Sunway Pyramid I was so high! Cotton On made me miss New Zealand especially when it is cheaper in NZ. All the hairbands and acessories at Forever 21 made my day. If only I could plant money. Esp 50 ringgit notes. hehe. I have realized that my entry is not arranged chronologically as I am not a good writer.. hehe. speaking of not being a good writer i have finally bought The Carrie Diaries. NOW I really can't wait to watch SATC 2! okay and then when my sister was buying her iphone case at machines in KLCC i also managed to get myself a pink keyboard protector. mengade takkkk? hehehe. okay, now i malas dah nak tulissss. oh the markings and MUET task sheets. I feel quite stressed teaching MUET cause I need to do MORE studying compared to teaching the Form 4s. MORE PREPARATION.

hehehe. my new keyboard protector or whatever is the correct term for it.

the book. me likey likey.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


i don't likeee. when something that i want is being wanted by someone else too. i don't likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

what you waiting for

oh i love this song. haha. i have been playing the video non stop. mizz nina is way cooler than chenelle.

yesterday i had so much fun in Singaporeee. happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, :))))

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


okay. i nearly did something that i might regret in the future. i thought that i was going to lose something that i have hold on to for so long. than i secretly prayed for a sign. when the sign is there i still hope for a miracle. now i really wish that i should be thankful with whatever that i am blessed with.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

signed, sealed, delivered

so last week i asked someone to analyze my signature. according to that person i do not have to face that many obstacles in life. i guess that to a certain extent that is true especially now with the fact that i am staying at home where food and bed is always there for me. LOL. oh plus my dad has also given his car to me so i need to only pay for my own petrol. :b. due to the fact that my signature is always underlined, it shows that i always need somebody to depend on. i guess that is SO TRUE. i will always need my family, bf and friends by my side always. now, i am relying on my friends more as the bf is back home. oh that person also said that i am a simple person and i am not that creative as i only use my first name as my signature. am i a simplistic individual? initially, i thought that i am a complex individual but as the person justifies it further i realize i am a simple person. i mean when i am angry at someone, one can clearly see how angry i am. or when i am in a really good mood i will be very cheerful. with reference to being creative i know that i am definitely not a CREATIVE person. but i always feel like i have a good taste. :b