Friday, December 26, 2008

annoyed,annoyed, annoyed.

i am so annoyed right now with my stupid maid. eii. like what's the point of being a maid if you don't want to do things that you are asked to do. stupid stupid stupid. that's why la kot she becomes a maid. ish! bengang betul.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

so so lazy

i am just so so lazy to start unpacking my shipment. i managed to get everything out and just throw it around the room. eiii! so lazy and i'm so stress right now!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

urgh. like so poyo.

i just came across somebody's facebook. like so poyo! some people will always be poyo. do you have to put everything that you own on facebook? ew. like takde life ke. haha. i'm just blabbing cause there's someone out there who is not my friend and as usual me menyebok2 and bukak tengok profile die. but i just cannot stand his poyoness. do u actually have to show your ipod and your iphone on one primary photo. that's like so eww. double ewww. i don't why but i am like so menyampah with you!

Friday, December 5, 2008


well, i have make many mistakes in my life. when i ask for forgiveness i would expect the person to forgive me immediately. but i don't think that as a person, i am that forgiving. even if the matter is so small. i would want to change it but i don't think i can. it is also important for me to note that people rarely make mistakes compared to me. haha. it's just my thought.


never ending story,
so tiring,
a lot
too lazy to do it.

haha. i'm just bulshitting cause i'm too lazy to clean up my room..

Thursday, December 4, 2008

the things that i'll miss in auckland

now that i'm back home, i start to thing about the things that i'm going to miss in auckland.

1. get to spend time with mark sesuka hati.
2. get my own room; unlike in IPBA.
3. i can survive walking. i can walk to queen street. in malaysia, jangan harapla i nak jalan kaki.
4. free bus. when feeling lazy to walk to queen street from uni.
5. burger fuel. oh i forgot to taste it one last time before i go back.
6. foodtown. but definitely not working there.
7. annoyedkan nab with myto. however, can continue it in IPBA.
8. ulang2 karaoke the same song.
9. that annoying girl yang suke bebual. dah takde cter terbaru. haha.
10. jackie~!!

actually there's a lot more but i'm so lazy to continue writing. haha.


i just bought myself britney's new album 'circus'. i feel so tidak berteknologi for still buying CDs instead of just downloading it from itunes. but when i but the cd, there i feel like i own it instead of just downloading it. plus i get to see pictures. haha. my opinion of the album? awesome awesome!! look how far she has come....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

hello malaysia

now, i'm really back home. i'm happy to be home. i was missing a lot of things in Malaysia. however, i do miss auckland. even with all the crazy drama. LOL. okay. i'm so lazy to write more. bye!