Tuesday, January 29, 2008

sex and the city

i've completed watching sex and the city. i know. a bit too late. still, if i were to watch it few years back i won't really learn from it.haha.it's definitely a relationship bible. seriously. if dog is a man's best friend's, then sex and the city is definitely a gal's best friend.definitely a survival kit in the relationship and friendship world.and the fashion is just awesome!AND for the first time, i don't have a favourite character. I mean, the gals, they are all awesome and gorgeous in their own way. They're all fabulous. BUT, I have always love BIG from the beginning. Well, hard-to-get men are definitely more attractive. Abso-fucking-lutely!haha. And Harry is so cute!!and Sweet. I mean even when Charlotte is being impossible he still shows that he cares and loves her no matter what. Steve is definitely Miranda's other half. To list all the things that I've learned from this show would be impossible. every issue is in there! so friends, if u haven't watch it, u simply MUST!!!!!!and i definitely can't wait for the movie!!