Friday, December 7, 2007

no happy ending?

The main reason that I wanted to have this blog is because I love watching TV. I am addicted to TV shows especially which somehow seems to be lass dramatic than telenovelas or korean series. Bet you can't get the link of TV series and blogging eh? hihi. Whenever I watch any tv series be it brothers and sisters or desperate housewives or one tree hill to name a few, I tend to be really into it. I mean, some may say that it's unrealistic or a waste of time or too predictable but I still love watching TV series and I think I always will. So whenever I watch a movie or a particular show, I will always fall in love with the lines or memorable quotes. My close friends will definitely know this habit of mine. Hihi. With this blog, I intend to express my self based on the memorable quotes or relate it to my own experience.
Anyways, last week when I was watching Enchanted (god, mcdreamy was hot!!!) and I like the quote when the stepmother actually kicked the princess to the real world where she says she's sending her to a place where 'there's no happy ending'. That is so true!! I mean, only fairy tales have happy ending which means that I totally disagree with you Fergie (definitely not her biggest fan)!! hihi. Fairy tales always have a happy ending, it's the real world that doesn't. I mean seriously, life in real world is never easy. I mean sleeping beauty is still beautiful when she has been asleep for a hundred year and her breath doesn't stink!! hihi.You will never get a happy ending in the real life and I'm not being negative here. I mean, I know that we might be satisfied with our career and that we have found the one already and even have the almost perfect life. But, there will always be problems. Big or even small. This does not mean that my life sucks but it's just that I know as I grow up (even now) I will always be facing problems. It could be a minor problem like having a misunderstanding with a friend to an even major problem like getting fired or divorce. I think that survival is extremelyyyyy important in this world. I do hope that as I grow older and as I face more problems I will be able to survive the problems that I face and be able to be satisfied with the people that stays with me at all times and the things that I've achieved. I think that that is more rewarding than living in a world that is so ideal where your lives end when the evil stepmother dies and you find your prince charming. That's all for now. Actually I wanted to write more but I have to go out!!!XOXO.


'sALina' said...

fatin..i g fullhouse..kecik je..kat tv nmpk besar..

Fatin Haya said...

omg!!! u kene cerita!! uwaa.. bestnya!!!!!