Monday, March 16, 2009

I set my eye on an eye palette ;-)

Today I had a haircut. That's not the point of my entry for today. hehe. I've been eyeing for this eye palette. oh i want it!!! Bobbi Brown Brights Collection Eye Palette. It has 35 bright colours! and it's only rm230! Supposedly she designed this palette during a fashion show and decided to do a limited edition eye palette out of it. You can play with colourssssss. It is such a chic version of Crayola crayon box. So why shouldn't I but it? Hmmmm. Most probably I will never wear the colours since I sort of love the au natural look. Or in other words I'm always too lazy to actually put on some make up. HOWEVER, I might be wearing it if I were to have it. Hehe. I guess I need a sign. If I see it tomorrow I might have to get it. Bye for now!

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