Thursday, January 1, 2009


For the past few days, it has been difficult for me to fall asleep. i don't know why. especially when i always need 8 hours of my beauty sleep. haha. so is it possible that i'm having insomnia? haha. OMG. I'm so lazy to write. The title is insomnia but I pun tak tau ape nak cter pasal my insomnia. LOL. I guess I don't have anything to talk about. Back home here in JB, without my parents, nothing much is going on with my life. One of my favourite routine here would be I will be going to Jusco Tebrau City every alternate days. My sisters are like so annoyed with that habit and it's not like there will be new items in the shops everyday. Macam la banyak duit kan! Oh! and one more routine, I have been eating ayamas honey roasted chicken for the past three days. Surprisingly it tastes so yummylicious!! hahaha. Although I have to admit that I am quite bored to death, I am still not looking forward to go back to ipba. The rules! The baju kurungs! Waking up early! Ish ish ish. Oh and right now I am pretty stressed out that I don't have my own laptop. My old laptop is already broken. *pray* please let it be broken already. haha.

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