Thursday, January 1, 2009

old pictures

As yesterday I wasn't doing anything on new year's day I decided to scan on some old photos. I have decided to upload it here as my blog is pretty darn boring and I want to put in more picturesssss. haha. this also means that I don't know what do I want to write about. LOL.

me and my three younger sisters. seriously don't know what's going on outside their heads? LOL.

This picture was taken in Zoo Taiping, I think. Used to go there like every year. haha.

Went to Bukit Cerakah and I guess we were trying to get Spring aura with the tops and pants.

My late grandmother. I guess this picture is taken in Equatorial Hotel in Penang.

Well, when you were a kid piano practice can be fun.


My parents


My mum and I during my uncle's wedding day with unrecognizable relatives??

Singing I guess.

Back in the old days when I love to do outdoor-sy activities. LOL.

When we were younger. My parents.

Actually there are many more pictures that I have scanned but I'm just too too too lazy to upload it with the 'high speed' internet connection.

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