Thursday, August 13, 2009


yesterday was very funny. i was invigilating the exam for my class. when i came in class i can't help to giggle a little cause one of the boys was making funny faces. i guess i was in a good mood that i can't pretend to act like a teacher. i regretted that i laugh cause i know they will not take me seriously. anywaysssss, i read my magazine while invigilating and i notice that some of the boys tried talking to each other. i can't yell since it might distract other students. SO since i only brought my magazine with me i wrote down the names of the boys who talked into my CLEO magazine and I even wrote down the marks that i'm going to deduct for their English paper. Then one of the boys asked me about it and i told him loudly, 'Well, if you make any attempt to talk with your friends i won't confiscate your paper but i will deduct your English marks'. I can see his terrified look. after the exam many of the students came to me to check whether their names are on the list or not. Those names who were on the list are practically begging me to not deduct their markssss. haha. i'm so happy that i have the powerrrrrrrrr =)))))))))))))))))).

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