Friday, September 11, 2009

sex and the 80's??

OoOoHhhhhh!!! I can't wait to watch the sequel of sex and the city 2. They are currently shooting in NY. Now they are channeling the 80's look. Carrie rocks Madonna's 80's looks and  Charlotte is Charlotte = perennially preppy. Could be a flashback. Could also be a way to deal with her rumored marital problems with BIG? There are two rumors that I heard and read:

a. Carrie goes through menopause. Or is it Samantha??
b. BIG looses his job. Move to London. Got a one bedroom apartment and cheated on Carrie. Carrie got pregnant.

I just can't wait to watch this movie. BUT, I think they should stop portraying BIG as the bad guy. although the audience still loves him. ahaha. he is lovable even when he's a jerk. i guys men in general are like that. ; )

I like the combination of apple green with pink.

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