Saturday, January 2, 2010

Je veux un sac à main de Chanel. Merci beaucoup.

I think I'm so obsessed just looking at Chanel handbag. Oh and also Chanel watches. Why why why do they have to have high price tags? It's like one of the most expensive brands! I guess I have to wait until I am 35 to save up for one Chanel bag. Maybe I should just settle for Lanvin first. Haha. When I walked into Chanel in Takashimaya last week, I feel like sleeping there. Oh if only I am in The Hills than maybe heidi/LC could get me one. *sigh*. I want at least Chanel's classic flap. Now I could only settle for a Chanel look for less from Topshop&Dorothy Perkins. Some may say that Chanel doesn't innovate its design but I don't care. Heck, if I'm rich, I'll purchase everything! Haha okay I always think of the things that I want in life when I am not doing anything with my life. LOL. Oh! When when when can I start working so I can start saving up for a Chanel! ahaha.

P.S: I just read that you need to study for 10 years in order to learn the art of making a Birkin bag.

P.P.S: The picture above was taken in Bergdorf  Goodman, Fifth Avenue. The biggest Chanel bag! haha. just a prop. If only I am the daughter of Lily Van Der Woodsen. LOL.

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