Sunday, May 2, 2010

signed, sealed, delivered

so last week i asked someone to analyze my signature. according to that person i do not have to face that many obstacles in life. i guess that to a certain extent that is true especially now with the fact that i am staying at home where food and bed is always there for me. LOL. oh plus my dad has also given his car to me so i need to only pay for my own petrol. :b. due to the fact that my signature is always underlined, it shows that i always need somebody to depend on. i guess that is SO TRUE. i will always need my family, bf and friends by my side always. now, i am relying on my friends more as the bf is back home. oh that person also said that i am a simple person and i am not that creative as i only use my first name as my signature. am i a simplistic individual? initially, i thought that i am a complex individual but as the person justifies it further i realize i am a simple person. i mean when i am angry at someone, one can clearly see how angry i am. or when i am in a really good mood i will be very cheerful. with reference to being creative i know that i am definitely not a CREATIVE person. but i always feel like i have a good taste. :b

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Markitos said...

eh, u got bf eh? who's that guy??? @-@"