Saturday, May 29, 2010

in a HAPPY mood

my bed

okay so i went to kl for the weekend. i was so happy being inside KINOKUNIYA. how i've missed that place. oh and madam kwan's too. At first, we planned to eat at the Loaf (Tun Mahathir's restaurant) but there wasn't enough time. Maybe next time. that Empire place looks pretty cool. even though last weekend when i was in singapore i managed to go to Vivo, it is not the same as KL. it reminds me of the wonderful memories. Anyways, when I was at Sunway Pyramid I was so high! Cotton On made me miss New Zealand especially when it is cheaper in NZ. All the hairbands and acessories at Forever 21 made my day. If only I could plant money. Esp 50 ringgit notes. hehe. I have realized that my entry is not arranged chronologically as I am not a good writer.. hehe. speaking of not being a good writer i have finally bought The Carrie Diaries. NOW I really can't wait to watch SATC 2! okay and then when my sister was buying her iphone case at machines in KLCC i also managed to get myself a pink keyboard protector. mengade takkkk? hehehe. okay, now i malas dah nak tulissss. oh the markings and MUET task sheets. I feel quite stressed teaching MUET cause I need to do MORE studying compared to teaching the Form 4s. MORE PREPARATION.

hehehe. my new keyboard protector or whatever is the correct term for it.

the book. me likey likey.

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Anonymous said...

Might as well u just plant 100 note rather than 50's! rofl :P