Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Forget You

this won't be much of an update. cause i'm plain lazy. i haven't been doing anything 'beneficial' this holiday. hey!! give me a break!! i have not been that lazyyy!!

speaking of holidays, i love miss holly holiday! gwyneth is friggin' awesome in glee! she's so cool and she's singing one of my favourite songssss!

okay i'm such a lazy girl. i wouldn't say that i'm lazy. monday and tuesday i have been so busy in clearing&cleaning the language room (kat rumah malas betul).

and i haven't started reading for my tests and assignments! yes! at UTM there is no such thing as subjects with only assignments or just tests with exams. it has to be 3 in 1. as it is a 'research university'. so you can be a full time or part time students, the amount of workload is just equal. yipeee! *puking* why o why UOA you didn't prepare me as much as UTM does! (sense the sarcasm)

even though i haven't touched my work i feel like it's an accomplishment that i've managed to... *drum roll*... complete my CHECK LIST! yeay to me! ooohh yesss.. i am so rewarding myself after completing the check list: GOSSIP GIRL!!

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