Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's My Life

Where does the teaching part in 'teacher' goes to?

All the supposed to be 'ideal' ideologies of teaching: behaviourist / innatist / interactive and so on....

It's supposed to be ideal. It's supposed to get your students to learn the second language as much as they possibly can.

But what limits the 'success' of second language learning or even learning in general, is the amount of paperwork that teachers have to do. I don't mind getting gazillions of periods or even marking books everyday as I have been trained to specialize in this. What I hate is the ridiculous amount of paper work that I believe is so not meant to be completed by teachers.

Exhibit A:
Teacher has already prepared a well planned 6 periods lesson in a day. Here comes third period and you have to correct a student's IC number of TESTS. Nothing major just TESTS. As the students are our stakeholders too. And it is important to 'satisfy' your stakeholder.

I'm not complaining, but I believe that teachers are well trained to EDUCATE / SHOW / EXEMPLIFY? But why often we have to do things that we would learn if we got our degrees from a SECRETARIAL COLLEGE.

Like duh. Fuh.

I bet in the future that'd be something called TA, teacher's assistant. Cause right now I feel like hiring one and most importantly he / she can deal with people who I don't consider to be important to deal with. Urgh!

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