Thursday, May 7, 2009

am back..

I am back in jb. Only for the weekend since IPBA has so many ilmiah programsss. So what have I been doing dekat rumah????

1. Eat.

2. Arrange the books that I've brought back.

3. Watch he's just not that into youuuu for the second time. I love Justin Long and Ben Affleck in the movie. So sweet, 'You're my exception'.

4. Watch Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl's latest episodes. Yela hari tu kan exam so had to studyy.

5. Transferred pictures from my old laptop to my external. Haha. Ni pun nak bgtau.

6. Right now I am lying down on my bed with my new set of duvet covers. I actually chose the material myself so perasan cantek la. But I think that it turned out to be quite nice. Maybe I should upload the picture of my bedddd. hehe. 

Too lazy to kemas my bed. Hehe.

7. Thinking of what to do.... Hmmm. Maybe I should continue watching grey's anatomy. I have missed so many episodes!!! :-)


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