Wednesday, March 17, 2010

i cannot believe this!

okay i haven't been watching that much ever since i started working. SO, last weekend i continued watching Glee Part 2. i don't know why but i cried watching the season finale. i guess i cried because Glee is a show that is unlike other shows. The show did exploit people's weaknesses but because of the club, the students show the 'good' side of them. i know it sounds a bit corny but that's how i feel. initially i didn't really like the character 'rachel' as she is pretty annoying but she is really talented. i even watched her audition video and her character in real life is similar to the character 'rachel'. 

P/S: i get a little bit annoyed that everyone is now glee-obsessed since you can now catch it on star world but it is definitely a show that should be enjoyed by all.


Markitos said...

-.-' And one of those new glee-obsessed people is me?

Fatin Haya said...

no lah mark. generally. haha.