Thursday, March 18, 2010


Finally I have bought my first Chanel No. 5. I wanted to buy it since last year but at first I didn't really like the scent as it smells so mature. However, since I have been influenced too much by Chanel I have decided to still get it. Now, I'm loving it. hehe. Okay the point of my entry: I read somewhere that Coco Chanel designed her Chanel No. 5 bottle to perfectly match Place Vendome (where the Ritz is). She basically lived there. However, it is still unknown whether this matching shape was intentional. Emmm. I don't know how true it is. I googled for some images and it seems to be the same.


Fina said...

cool la gambar tu...sama kan? wei, awat hg x ym? nie blog br aku, xde apa2 pun, just nak habaq jer...hehe

ps: i dont like the smell either. it makes me think of my late opah, though she had never wore d perfume..hehe

Fina said...

one more thing, like your new...erm, ape ek we call it, background?template?apa2 lah, but i like it!hehe

Fatin Haya said...

haha fina you ade blog balik ek? banyak betul soalan you pening i. okay2 nanti i on ym. you delete facebook ke?