Sunday, March 14, 2010

in my head

I can't believe that I have such a crammed schedule for March and April. Suddenly, I am so in the mood to cerita pasal sekolah. Even when it is not that interesting. :b 

I am so stressed thinking about what book to choose for my LDP presentation. Choosing the RIGHT books is still alright but what I'm worried about is that my presentation won't be interesting / appealing enough for the teachers. Seven books is a lot!!!!!  And it's on the 30th of March exactly after Fiesta Part 1.

What is Fiesta Part 1? This year, our school is celebrating our 50th anniversary so there will be a sort of 'educational' fun fair. Tan Sri Muhyiddin will be officiating the new buildings of our school some time in April / May so then there will be Fiesta Part 2 and the preparation for that event will be on a bigger scale. There will a lot of preparation that need to be done by the English department as English is our niche area (cluster schools have niche areas).

The lower form sixes are coming in soon so this week we're designing their task sheets. So tonight I HAVE to study the syllabus etc.

I was not in school for almost a week as I was one of the teachers involved in MSSD. one word: BORING!!!! 

Yesterday I brought 7 students to EC for state level CIMB scrabble tournament. 3 of them managed to make it to the nationals which will happen some time in June. I am so proud of them but they need more practice and training after this.

In April we will be visiting Tanjong Katong Secondary School Singapore for a networking trip. More paperwork. *sigh* Plus, it is difficult to choose the students that can tag along as well. I tried to be as fair as possible. There will be a lot of internationalized trips / programmes this year as the principal wants SSI to receive the award of Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi by the year 2011. We lost to STF this year because we did not have enough 'pengantarabangsaan' programmes.

Oh I have also learned that students would do just about anything to get a change in their grades. There was this students who got 70 and wanted me to add his marks even when it won't change his grade because he wants to tell people that he got 70 something and not just 70. LOL. They will try really hard to find our mistakes! Conclusionnya, I hate marking!

oh fyi, i'm so happy that if we need task sheets to be given to the students, we can just send the task sheets to the office and they will photocopy it for us. There is no limit! hehe. I was so excited when I was told by my colleague. I don't know about other schools but at least I know that in Mark's school teachers have to use their own money to photocopy task sheets for the students.

Okay there are actually more updates but I dah malas dah nak tulis lagi. :b

P/S: saw this quote on a friend's page and i LOVE it. 'People will forget what you said and what you did but not how you made them feel'. so true! 

P/P/S: please 25th march come by faster.....

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Fina said...

best nyer bleh photocopy jer.. my school kena minta sign lah, pastu mesti over 120...dah la i ajar classes different level, mn leh guna worksheet sama. Lucky u!hehe