Monday, December 6, 2010

cool or fool?

i love BLAIR WALDORF. I really do. But her wardrobe choices as LEIGHTON MEESTER, not so much. Leighton Meester wears a suit by Thom Browne at the IPF Film Awards 2010. i know that BLAIR WALDORF wouldn't wear this but I don't think she looks ridiculous at all. She looks kind of cool to me. sexy in a way. The suit fits her well.

Unlike Winona Ryder's suit. LOL. now this is NOT COOL!

what the hell was she thinking? seriously????? hmmmpfttttt!


Memer said...

Hi. I am your new follower and your blog is kinda cool. I am a teacher to be as well so it's kinda awesome to find a teacher writing such an uber chic blog like this. Look forward to reading more and more posts from you.

p/s: I am a Gossip Girl die-hard-fan too!


Fatin Haya said...

hahaha. thanks for your compliment.. do continue to write!!!