Thursday, December 30, 2010

let's countdown!

new year, new resolutions.. this year, i shall.. okay who am i kidding?? i never stick to my resolutions so it'll be such a waste listing on my resolutions.... but what i know, 2011 would be a year of LETTING GO...

1. Letting go of unnecessary drama (whatever will be, will be)
2. Letting go of any NEGATIVE aura (to be more specific NEGATIVE people)
3. Letting go of my laziness (haha..)
4. Letting go of my mistakes and moving on.

so HELLO 2011. i welcome you. and i promise i'll write more.
please bring happy moments =)

P/S: making promises are easy.. keeping your promises is difficult (i think i've read it somewhere, can't remember the author though)


Fina said...

fatin...sumtimes when I read ur blog, ko cm ada prob jaa...well of course everybody has...that's wut we called life kan but share la with me apart from apa yg u biasa cite tu :)


Fatin Haya said...

haha. well you assumed wrongly. despite my blog entries, my life is pretty intact. the only thing that i'm complaining is that life is pretty hectic these days...

Fina said...

haha...ok, i shouldn't worry dah after this : )