Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Marry You

Life has definitely been hectic! and during my free time, i tend to catch up with my reading as i have bought too many books for this holiday and i need to complete it before the school starts (don't worry i don't read SMART books.. haha..)!! This would be a random entry on BRUNO MARS. haha. i know, i'm a little bit too late to be writing on my blog on how obsessed i am with him but since i am oh so addicted with his songs i have to write an entry on him!

Bruno Mars is without a doubt, the best singer of 2010. His singles are simply SUPERB. although just the way you are has already been overrated, i still love it. then i love GRENADE even more. COUNT ON ME is pretty cool too. i mean it's not GREAT for Bruno Mars, but it's still a pretty cool song. and now, i'm addicted to MARRY YOU. GLEE has also made their own version of this song. which i find to be a lot catchier. BUT i still love BRUNO MARS. he's so talented. he produces his own SONGS!!! he must be so ROMANTIC (okay tibe2 aje.. haha.)!! haha. how will he ever come out with another single that would top GRENADE and JUST THE WAY YOU ARE? hmmm...

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