Tuesday, January 11, 2011


ohmondieu! i have totally neglected my blog! in fact my laptop for the whole week of last week. first week of january has been so hectic!

1. doing your masters PART TIME is definitely not fun! juggling between work and studying, there isn't much time life for 'ME' time. if you know me well, you'll know that SUCKS big time. my 'ME' time usually involve MONEY (duh...), shopping malls, book shops (just to make me believe that I am spending my money 'wisely'), FOOD and MOVIES.. (i'm craving for A&W for days nowwwwww). and who say the lecturers are more 'understanding' and the projects are 'easier'.. urghhhh!!

2. so last weekend i was like, okay this weekend i shall focus on my schoolwork. you see tuesday is a public holiday here in johor (YEAY, i know!!) and I was like today will be my STUDY day. GUESS WHAT?? there's no studying at all!! i wanted to catch up with my readings so that when I enter the classes tomorrow I'd have some PRIOR KNOWLEDGE (instead of the usual, oh macam-pernah-dengar-dulu face)

3. so TODAY i was SUPPOSED to spend my time wisely by studying, but.... instead i watched MOVIES> ooohh i didn't go to the cinema as i don't have enough $$$ to afford the cinema and i don't have the time at all~ but i managed to squeeze in 3 movies today (hahaha *evil laugh*) so i finally watched AVATAR (haha.. ketinggalan i know), Ramona and Beezus & The Tourist.. it was all just OKAY movies.. nothing WOW! haha.

4. ohh I managed to spend my time at the 'library' the other day.. and i didn't actually do enough 'research' on what books to get and i have just realised that i only got 2 out of 10 books right!! urghhh.. imagine the walk that i have to make to return the books!

5. this year i really hope that i can juggle my work and study well. with all the workloads that i'm getting i really hope that i won't neglect any of it. meaning?? i should limit my 'GOSSIP TIME'. so i will sit more at my place this year (let's see how long this will last)..

6. oohhh! and the traffic has been crazy this year. we have just been switched the a one session school... i had to go out really early just to get a parking spot!

okay that's all for now. *toodles*


Memer said...

I'm just curious, where do you teach?
I am currently at IPG Kampus Temenggong Ibrahim

Fatin Haya said...

I am teaching at SMK Sultan Ismail. Hehe. So will you be doing your practical this year? Which school?

Memer said...

O,too bad, i am going to SMK BBU, but two of my friends will be going to your school, hehehe
It's good to know some English teachers around :)