Saturday, October 25, 2008

tiru salina yang tiru amrien

i'm so bored. so i've decided to write something. this piece was inspired by salina. haha. i copied this from salina who copied this from amrien.. seven eleven katenye. hehehe.

7 random facts about me
1. I create my own telenovela on my mind with my own characters when I want to fill my time.
2. I like to give excuses when someone wants me to do something and I don't feel like doing it.
3. I never read books that aren't mine.
4. I am so easily influenced by TV shows.
5. I will always need somebody by my side.
6. When I eat, I don't like when there's so many gravy.
7. I am a Britney Spears fan.

7 things that scare me
1. Death
2. Height
3. Dogs
4. Ghosts
5. Living alone
6. Being scolded by my parents
7. Masuk hutan

7 random music at the moment
1. womanizer
2. piece of me
3. bleeding love
4. take a bow
5. how could an angel break my heart
6. better in time
7. like i'll never see you again

7 things i say the most
1. maybe
2. elaun tak masuk lagi
3. haaaaa.. tau tak
4. boringla.
5. hi!!!
6. eiiiii. tak suke gile die tu.
7. dah start wat assignment?

7 things i treasure the most
1. my novels
2. my room
3. internet?
4. my DVDs
6. iphone
7. laptop

7 'first time' things i ever did
1. lived outside of university accommodation this year
2. work as a cleaner 2007 (AWFUL!)
3. lost my handbag at GSC Midvalley in 2005.
4. bought my own handphone using my own cash this year
5. lived away from home. form 4 MRSM.
6. eat bende yang bercengkerang this year. mussels.
7. masak nasi when i was in form 2.


myto said...

maybe ko shud add facts about you tu lagi satu.suka kisai muka dan bau tangan sendiri.ahahaha

Fatin Haya said...

myto ni kurang ajar ni!!!nak kene sepak btul!!!!

Anonymous said...

fatin!!i ingat yg handbag u ilang tu.......