Tuesday, October 28, 2008

what's new??

what's new with me?errr...nab's family is in auckland right now.. and i selalu menyebokla kat umah diorang and ikut jalan jalan. pastuh.. hari hari dikecewakan oleh e**** yang tak masuk masuk lagi... #$%@%$@#.. haha. like sal when she's doing her assignments..i just finished submitting a 1500 words assignment.. i slept for 12 hours after that!!. i hate it when you don't sleep for a day. even after sleeping for 12 hours the next day you still can't replace it. especially when i will always need y 8 hours of sleep. just like a baby. haha. shit. this blog is about sleeping is it? hahahahaha. oh now before the exams on the 15th and 17th I have loads of time. which i aim to spend on:
a) shopping once the allowance is in
b) finishing stephanie meyer's books
c) packing my stuff to send back
d) preparing for EXAMS
e) watch loads and loads of DVDS.
and I can't wait for nab and myto to move in. So, it won't be that sunyi anymore. Because mark is always sleeping. haha. plus myto can cook for me! haha. Okay. I'm going out with nab's parents. Bye!!!!

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