Tuesday, October 28, 2008

i have a story.

i have a story.
once a upon a time, there lived two girls in a house. They live quite happily. Although they always fight with each other, they try to keep the peace at home. One day, one of the girls become friends with a monster. The monster is really huge and ugly. He speaks a lot too. The monster and the girl got really close that they always cook together, dance together, shower together, watch movies together, sleep together and eat together. The other girl got really mad as the house is small and the monster is really big!!! The monster and the girl also like to make a lot of mess! it's like they are pooping in the house. The other girl got really violent and decide to kill the monster and the girl. So sad! Kesian. Cerite ini tiade kaitan antara yang hidup dan mati. hahaha.


myto said...

ahahaha klaka ni.bila aku baca psal like they r pooping in the house.aku dok byng ada org berak2 dalam rumah ko.ahahahah

Fatin Haya said...

haaaaaaa....... itula ape yang aku cube gambarkan.. saje merepek2..haha.