Friday, October 31, 2008

to do list

today, i don't have anything urgent that I have to do. So, I'm planning to sort my things out. These are the things that I plan to do today. Oh yeah before I forget, since I wake up at 11.30 I will have to start my day at 1.00 pm. LOL.

1300:wash dirty laundry/shower
1330:blow my hair

1345:move my laundry to the dryer/wash my towels & bath towels

1400:cook myself some maggi/stream this week's grey's anatomy

1415:eat while watching grey's anatomy
1445:get the first batch of clothes out of the dryer and hang them/dry the second batch of laundry

1500:start reading through the storm/get the chicken out of the freezer
1545:get the second batch of laundry out of the dryer

1700:start cooking for dinner
1830:dinner is served/wash my bedsheet, pillow cases and duvet cover

1900:start eating dinner

1930:put the washed bedding stuff in the dryer

2030:start making my bed
2100:start writing my resignation letter to Foodtown

2200:suke hati la i nak wat ape!!!hehe.

gee.i wonder will i be following these. well i have to organize myself today!!! :)

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