Tuesday, November 4, 2008


chris brown may say that he could see hearts all over the world tonight but i may see desperation all over the world tonight. i don't know why but i believe that desperation can be seen as a positive thing since i can see it everywhere. in a way, desperation could connote a positive tone as it leads to love, new friendship and love again. i mean many people today have got to be desperate in order to find love. especially girl. *cough*. with the limited resources of men nowadays. LOL. *sigh*. however desperation can also make people become more distant, gets jealous and choose revenge. This is when some people will tend to be Miss Kiasu and would compete with people they consider to be their competition. It can be funny at times but it can also be annoying, I guess. It's not that I have ever encountered the 'desperatest desperation'. Haha. anyways, i am just writing this because i was reading something that makes me think of the term desperation.