Saturday, November 15, 2008

what did i do?? ahaha.

yesterday i had my linguist 307 exam. i would say that it was alright. hopefully pass la!!! haha. i'm so not an excellent student. anyways. i don't want to talk about my yesterday (saturday). on friday, my insurance money masuk. once the money is in, the temptation to but a new phone is soo tinggi!! i decided to go to queen street with mark, nab and myto even though we actually need to study for the exam asap. ye la orang lain dah pegi library since like two weeks ago!! kitorang ni boleh lagi nak meliar2. when we went to all the vodafone stores, *exaggerating* it seems that they only sell iphones on plan. wth!! i'm going back soon and nak plan ape nye!!! then i started to get cranky and hungry. selagi tak dapat phone. selagi tuhla tak puas hati!!! haha. so my patient bf and friends temanla pegi ALL the vodafone stores. At last we went to the vodafone store at downtown and i KNEW that it was my last hope. The guy started saying the same thing. Pas tuh like I start to buat muke kesian itu and I manage to purchase it!!!!!! Finally got my 16gb iphone 3g on Friday!!!
and then after that, usahla ditanye other merepek things that i bought. cause they are merepek!!! okay got to study EDUC now. even though i know i'll be studying at night. haha. bye!! xoxo.

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