Wednesday, November 12, 2008


wow. it has been quite a while since i have this super duper excited feeling!haha. i felt awful when i woke up as the allowance was not in!!! then i accompanied myto to rent a car. anyways, since i was so bored waiting for the car to be ready. i decided to call the insurance company. at last, after being patient for quite some time, i managed to get the claim for my iphone!!yeay!!! and i'm getting $850. i'm super duper happyyyyyyyy. should i or shouldn't i get a new iphone? haha. after that, we went to the shipping company.... on our way back from the shipping company, nab texted and said that our allowance is in!!!woohooooooo!!!my week was really crappy at the beginning but now it is definitely getting better. is that a sign that i'll do well for my exam?haha. i don't think so! study pun belum ade hati nak do well. i hope i'll at least pass cause i will definitely NOT want to repeat LINGUIST307. Tons of assignments!! and still there's a 40% exam!! memang the lecturer like orang gile and kerje pun mcm orang gile!! haha. okay, continuing my story even though it's not chronologically, once we realized that the allowance is in macam biasela.....straight go shoppingggg. since we haven't been to dressmart for quite a while we decided to drive there. well actually not 'we'... myto had to drive there.. haha.when i arrive dressmart as usual i act macam orang gila cause everything is so cheap. anyways i didn't shop much.. betul!!! myto was the one who shopped a lot for his newborn nephew. although geram btul since we chose so many stuff the receptionist left out the cute topi!!!! haha.hmmm. what else? then we got back and myto cooked for us. as usual again!!! haha. then we decided to study although i don't consider the amount that i read just now as 'studying'. anyways okay.. i want to sleep now cause have to wake up early tomorrowww..continue 'studying'.haha. Bye!!!

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