Monday, February 23, 2009


I don't know why but I get really annoyed when people tend to buy the same stuff as me or even try to do the things that I like to do. I have always felt that I am a competitive girl in nature but I am only competitive when people own things that I don't have. Or maybe get better grades. But, when you seem to be getting the same stuff as me and doing things that I do, I get really pissed and annoyed. Especially if you don't own up to it. If you were to tell me initially or even after you buying it I wouldn't even mind. I know that the items that you get are not designed specially for me but I would really appreciate if you would at least admit that you like something that I own or an idea that I might have came up with. I know that sometimes I do like the things that other people buy and if that person is a close friend I will try to inform to the person prior to buying it or sometimes I would explain to my friend after buying it if i didn't tell him or her earlier. I don't think that I have anything to loose compared to you but right now... 'I am really annoyed when I realize that you are buying the same stuff of me! And when you are doing the things that I did! Or when you try to do the activities that I have planned out loud to do!It really bugs meee!!!'. Most of the time, you always look at me like I am the dumb one... But helloOooOOooo!! have I ever copied your idea(s) as often as you?? And am I that desperate to do certain things that I have to desperately use others propertiesss most of the time??  I don't think so!!!  the excuses that others use just to help you! I wouldn't even go there. I know that I am rambling right now but I am really really really really pissed with you. I guess you're not the person whom I thought you were cause I did give you my all.

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