Monday, July 5, 2010


i guess due to the hormonal changes in my body i'm getting really pissed with someone. hello your mulut is really like longkang. oh my effin god. everything that comes out of your mouth is IRRITATING.

Exhibit A: while discussing about DEPRESSING stories with friends i will show my sympathy like saying 'eh kesiannye mesti sedeyh...'. she will be like 'bodohnye soalan tu takkan gembira'.

i'm like...hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you think that i like your SARCASM??? do you consider that to be witty?? are you like the cooler version of Elizabeth Bennet??

Exhibit B: I'm wearing pearls... sort of 3 layers i got it at Forever 21. Konon2 very chanel-y... And then she will be like 'eh why wear three layers??? satu aje kan cukup?? tak sarat ke???'

again, i'm like hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ingat i ni mak cik2 ke yang pearl one strand panjang tu... esp with coloured pearls...

Exhibit C: I bought this pair of Clark shoes to wear to school cause it's more formal instead of wearing my usual coloured pumps... Obviously la more expensive than Malaysian labels. And she's like 'kasut clarks punya design cam orang tua..'

i'm like... bengangnyeeeeeeeeeeee... is her taste that great???? when she always choose yucky2 colours for her clothes!!!

Conclusion: Today, fatin is capital geram. plus somebody is totally ignoring me so double double geram. There are more stories but I decide not to share everything cause I'm too lazy to write more!

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