Monday, July 12, 2010

never look back i'd say.

*sigh* i feel like moving somewhere. cause right now, i'm at a point where i do not know what i want to do with my life. and i'm getting so sick of people asking me questions which i myself do not know the answer to these questions. no one should be deciding what i want to do with my life.

all i need is time,
a moment that is mine,
while i'm in between.

one day, i can be the happiest that i can possibly be and the next day, everything has been taken away from you. freedom, happiness, slowly becomes DESOLATE...

i am very immature. i thought that when i start working, i'll be more patient and think things through before making decisions that will hurt those around me. someone whom used to be close to me said that i have the syndrome of anak manje but i don't believe that that's true. i just am an attention seeker in nature.

i act like i'm okay. sometimes i feel like i'm okay. i want to think that i'm okay. but the truth is i'm breaking into pieces.

the environment that i am in sometimes make me feel like people do not understand me. my way of thinking...

now i hate that i am distracted and i can't focus on my work. all i need right now is for somebody to UNDERSTAND me.

AND what i want right now is not to get older and start wondering of 'the hows and whys'.

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