Wednesday, July 7, 2010


exactly how i feel like today. i'm so depressed!!!! i need to be less emo.

anyways, the gossip girl cast has been shooting in paris this week. B is wearing less hairbands. luckily Chuck is not dead! i mean, i know his character won't be killed but i was still worried. haha. Chuck is definitely rocking the cliff hanger. His character has been spotted to be making out with Harry Porter actress Clemence Poesy.

Blair is rocking the Chanel bag. When I was saying that I like Chanel bags that perempuan gila told me that Chanel bags are skema. I was like what the heck (refer to the girl that annoys me entry). I bet Coco Chanel's ghost will come and haunt her for saying that!

B and S look so cute together. S is definitely the new Carrie Bradshaw. As much as I believe that S is pretty, I love B more than words =b.

hmmm i hope their romance won't last long as Chuck is only meant for Blair. but oh my gawdddd... he's so HANDSOMEEEE!!!!!

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