Monday, July 19, 2010

cooler than me

i can't remember which scene was this if this scene was ever aired on GG.

haha. okay. this entry has got nothing to do with Mike Poesner's single Cooler than me. BUT i LOVE the song. haha. so me! so perasan! haha.

okay. my story for the day. oh my god!! have you ever felt so old or at an age where you have to make mature decisions. today, a teacher approached me an asked whether i like cooking. and then my reaction was like 'Errr no.. my mum always says that i act like a diva. i will wake up, eat and go out,.. when i'm back, i will eat&sleep for 8 hours..' haha. i thought that that reaction was appropriate as she was asking a general question. i also gave a frank answer. and then she was asking about my age bla bla bla. after a few minutes talking to her, she was saying that her son was the same age as mine went to W school, studied at X University and is now working at Y. i was still blur and then i realized that is this another cari jodoh segment??? %^&$^%%$#$%O*( but she still managed to add this statement, 'ala susahla i pun malas masak...' i'm like WHATTTTTTTTTT!!! i think that if i'm not a teacher people won't really care whether or not i'm married.

BUT like Blair Waldorf, i love weddingssss... haha.

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