Thursday, June 24, 2010

changing skies

the title of my entry is lady gaga's new leaked single. i can imagine listening to the song by the beach =b not bad la the song.

today i'm feeling happier cause i'm going out with my friends to watch the karate kid. although i want to watch the A-team so badly my friends are not supporting the idea. haha. it's okay. i don't mind pun =b

anyways, since today is Friday i'm so excited that tomorrow is Saturday. the WEEKEND is here!!! so not TRUE. haha. i have an english pedagogy course (at SMK Sri Tebrau). i hate it cause it's on a Saturday. luckily i'm going with my friend so takdela boring sangat kot??? and on tuesday i have a sharing information session at STF from 0800-1630. i don't know what awaits me but i will be meeting other international relations teachers so that would be fun cause i have gotten close with some of them. we will definitely b&*&( about our schools. HAHA.

oh and Singapore is on sale until the end of June. I have been begging my dad to go there on Sunday. but tak tau la will go or not. i need new acessories!!

as Karl Lagerfeld says:

'Fashion's life is short. It's six months, six months, six months.
It's not something you do for a great future.'

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