Wednesday, June 16, 2010

have you ever wished?

have you ever wished that when you go to bed, you'll wake up somewhere else?

yesterday i did.

i wished that when i woke up i will be waking up in my pink bath robe... and my pink sleeping socks...

cause that would mean that i'm waking up at the landingsssss

of course one can only hope for

but i didn't

i woke up in the land of malaysia

where things are frowned upon

i can't eat alone

i can't walk alone (oh how i miss waking up and going to Tai Ping @ Foodtown just to decide on what to cook for the day)

i can't drink coffees alone (how i miss iced tim tam @ Gloria Jeans)

i can't do my own grocery shopping alone and i decide on what to buy and what not to buy (cause i live with the parents. duh)

oh... and i miss going to Queen St. at any time of the day even if it's just to cuci mata...

WHYYY am i blabbingggg?????

cause i feel like being ALONE right now [insert smiley face].

but when i was awake, i am still here... and not there.

why is this entry so depressing?????

am i in such a melancholic mood???

i guess the weather is making me.... hehe... [insert cute face]

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