Wednesday, June 23, 2010

pretty crappy week

yes it has been such a pretty crappy week for me!! oh i've just written myself a paradox. anyways, why is it such a crappy week???

1. I HATE it when people order me around!
I can tolerate all sorts of nuisance but i hate it when somebody who i feel comfortable with order me around!! UNLESS you are my superior, you simply cannot order me around. The truth is I wouldn't mind you asking me to do things that you asked me to do but i get very irritated when it SOUNDS like you're bossing me around. Even if it is a simple task, why don't you do it yourself?????

2. I am SO NOT CREATIVE this week...
I don't know whether it is the long break or what... BUT I have become such a BORING teacher... I simply cannot think of new strategies or even stories just to make my lessons be more interesting. Usually I will be searching on the net for more new materials or videos that will be applicable for my lessons but this week I can't seem to find any... The server in Fatin's land has definitely gone down (oh and I am talking as a third person... WEIRD ). Dial up speed!

3. somebody must have CURSED my exam papers!!!
why??? because I have been marking and marking, yet i feel like it is not getting any lesser! peningnya with all the essaysssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!! somebody call 911! *the way sean kingston sings it*.

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