Thursday, September 2, 2010


okay. this entry is like so random. yesterday while i was watching a cerekarama (is that the right word choice?), one of the not-so-famous character mentioned about 'syak wasangka'. like how it can destroy you and how it can lead to hatred. nobody has ever told me before (or perhaps i was in denial) i really like to have DOUBTS toward others. i mean, i am paranoid. sometimes people do what they do because they are who they are. emmmm. so true!! so as of yesterday, whenever someone does something that may appear to be suspicious, or may not be pleasing to my eyes, i will never ever DOUBT them. they may have their own reasons... okay that's all!!!.

XO fatin haya ismail


Anonymous said...

that's so true fatin....that's wut we all should do....but it's kinda hard actually...i'm also like u...hehe


Fatin Haya said...

yes fina darling i think i selalu syak wasangka kat orang and sometimes people do do things for their own reasons. we are PARANOID!!! ahaha.